I have had a really nice weekend; and while I thought it would be nice to treat my blog and daily thought as a weekday nine to five, I just happened to have a couple of things to say about life. You can subscribe to the podcast by clicking one of the above links or get it linked directly to your iPod in the iTunes Music Store.

Today however, I think I need to have a huge rant about diet. I am in shock. I have been on a basically sugar free diet for some weeks and been eating healthy salads and so on. I have got really used to the way vegetables taste and I am feeling amazing. I have on occasion eaten dark chocolate which contains sugar but nothing like last night.

Last night I ate some Chinese food and wrote about it in my diet blog:

If you enjoy my writing and are interested in losing weight you can read all about it here.

I have personally lost around 25 pounds since starting the diet in mid august, with minimal exercise, which is much nicer than three gruelling days at the gym smashing my knees to death on a running machine and getting fatter besides.

The more philosophical point to this insight is that society as a whole is poisoning itself. Sugar was once a luxury item and is now our staple diet, worse still in order to save money, our sugar drenched taste buds consume sweetners which turn to poison in our systems and most of the time we don’t even know it.

I am not going to berate myself for for stepping off the diet plan and in fact look on the whole experience as trying something new.

I like feeling amazing and I also deserve to be able to eat out from time to time. Perhaps I can find someone local and persuade them to open a salad bar on a Sunday night for people like me to retire to and chew avocados…