By now you should have listened to my (currently free) mp3 creativity program and should be feeling your creative juices flowing. According to web statistics you are one of the 1600 people reading this blog.

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So what have you created?

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Some other things you might do to increase your creativity?

• Find out the origins of your favourite ideas. When was the first railway built, canal system built, airport built and is there a museum in your area? Visit it. Research local history. Find out what inspired people in your area. Visit inspirational Landmarks.

• Play the dictionary game. Think of a word. Link it on by looking up the meaning then choose a word within the meaning as the next word to look up. Go at least 9 steps before choosing a word you have never used before as your personal ‘word of the day’ and annoy people with it.

• Spend a day using your sub-dominant hand to do everything. By this I mean right handed people should be left handed and vice versa. Go to a huge open space in your car and try driving like this (slowly), if you do the feet as well it’s incredibly dangerous and great fun, wear a seat belt!

• Speak to a blind person about perception or sign with a deaf person and find out their perspective.

• Visit and pick a random inventor and patent to read about.

• Give a problem to your subconscious to play with just before bed. Run over the circumstances and trust that the solution will come to you as you wake. You may wake several times throughout the course of the night so keep a dictaphone under your pillow to record any ideas you may have.

• Take a long weekend and stay awake for as long as you can without artificial stimulus. Keep a thought / mood diary. Watch a sunrise and a sunset from start to finish. Buy a camera with a stop motion setting and film either the sunset, the room you are in, or your facial expression throughout the entire period and condense several hours into a few minutes. Watch it back when you have had sufficient rest.

• Give a child a complex problem and ask them to solve it. List 99 alternative and equally innocent solutions.

• Read my blog tomorrow – LOL