The goal of ‘Creative Thinking’ is to generate original ideas. On the other hand the goal of an ‘Innovator’ is to make changes to something that is already established. A ‘Visionary’ has original ideas about what the future will be like, perhaps with a little help from daydreams, or trance.

You are probably one of a million people looking for your big idea. And while I can’t tell you what that is, I can help you to find it.

My intention is for you to get inspiration from my website and to use the motivational exercises provided to increase your creativity. Your task is to ‘become’ continuous innovation and engage in your own transformation, to be an evolution of your former self.

The creativity program and the daily thought are both free and I encourage you to listen to them, the aim behind them being to teach you to train your mind to become more creative.

The unique creative aspect I have yet to find a way to translate into “natural” language is Aspergers Syndrome. In the mean time however I can give you some insights into what it is like and why it makes a human being more creative to have it.

When it comes to creativity, belief is everything. If you trust my insights, I can teach you ways to train yourself to be more focused in your day dreaming. I invite you to believe. Change your perception of yourself right now. Without that belief you are just another Joe on the street trying to get ahead with the same old ideas.