Where in the World is someone acting from, when their aura is so squeaky clean they almost don’t have one?

When they are accused of being two faced yet both their faces are smiling the same smile and saying the same thing?

The person I am talking about should be angry to the point of bloody murder and yet miraculously he appears not to be.

He has chosen a different path…

I believe the key to this person’s happiness lies in their “being responsible” for their own life.

Sometimes it hurts to take responsibility for things that on the surface don’t appear to be of our own making, yet I feel this truly is the key to freedom.

The hurt will eventually heal and freedom will follow. When we blame someone else and consequently forgive them, yet they don’t accept our forgiveness, or we no longer have contact with them to get feedback, look where that leaves us?

However, when we take responsibility whatever the circumstance, then at least we can forgive ‘ourselves’ and accept our own forgiveness.

For example, it may be hard for you to accept responsibility for a close friend’s betrayal.

It may have been so unexpected that you didn’t even see it coming, so there is no possible way you created it?

And damn them if you’ll take responsibility for what they have done, it’s not your fault, it’s really not.

Consider then that responsibility may not be about taking blame, it may be about being empowered.

When we fail to take responsibility for events in our lives we become victims of their circumstance.

When we take responsibility for them, we are able to do something about them internally, leaving us free to make choices about how we think, feel and act.

The ‘key’ to happiness then, is in holding ‘the keys’ to our emotions and not in giving our power away to others.