So What Is The Big Idea?

It is a ‘revolutionary’ way of looking at everything from business to romance, invention to spiritual endeavour.

It lives in the realms of innovation.

It sets aside the last centuries ‘New Age’ principles and replaces them with ‘Now Age’ principles.

Where the future merges with the present there is an energy, a presence, a black hole of nothingness that is the moment.

The present moment is not about being in the here and now. It is about the collision of the past (and all our collective life experience) with the future (and everything we aspire to be).

In this moment there is nothing. The present is a short circuit of future and past. The purest form of balance.

The moment of creation is now. The clarity of invention is now. In this split second the Universe could turn either way and moment by moment each outcome is of our choosing. We are the “Great Architect” working unseen in each of our own realities.

The ‘New Age’ is no longer ‘New’ we have arrived in it. Embrace the ‘Now Age’.

Let it be.