What Am I Attracting?


I just did an interview with Bruce Muzik for next weeks Creative Catalyst podcast and told him “I don’t need to earn any money at the moment” and suddenly it hit me, just what am I attracting?

Sure I have sufficient money to meet my needs and I don’t have to work hard for the money I get from other sources. So when it comes to this website, podcast and book… Am I doing it for free?

After today’s processes clearing blocks around money and creativity I think not.

I drive a hard bargain usually, a very hard bargain. If something isn’t right I demand my money back and fight my corner till I get what I want. I once bankrupted a motorcycle dealer over a missing bolt!

The first thing that struck me when I got back from my course?

On walking into my motorcycle workshop, I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of negative energy in it.

I stood in the middle and basically ascertained that half the contents have to go. I chose what is going and what is staying by paying attention to my feelings.

I am choosing to give things away to balance out the bad feeling surrounding them. No wonder I haven’t built the bikes I pictured. The creative flow in my workshop space is stagnant and seeped in anger.

Then in the middle of the night, I woke with a start and a load of realisations. I assessed each for emotional impact and made a list.

It’s not just the bikes that are surrounded by bad energy, it is most things I have been involved in.

I programmed the backing tracks for Fields Of The Nephilim’s triumphant return to the live scene at London’s Astoria last year and because of a misunderstanding refused to complete something for Carl afterwards.

I was in a place where I was frightened to confront him about it and angry enough to do bloody murder. From a creative standpoint however it has been completely blocking my progress. I sat down this morning and did the work and sent it to him. It took me about thirty minutes to complete something I had spent a year and a half being angry over. Yes, I was always right and fought for my principles, only at what cost to me?

It’s pretty easy to work out what I was attracting for the misunderstanding to happen in the first place. The knowledge will be the key to the door that gives me the freedom to move on.

I also found another one. I work with Duran Duran as a sound engineer and there is an archive job that’s been at a standstill for months because of an incompletion. I did some work on clearing that too!

Of course, you won’t be surprised to hear that I have a similar problem with both bands!

Then I emailed someone and gave away some songs to clear another block (this time a creative one) and by day’s end I feel complete creative and financial freedom.

It stands to reason I should have creativity and money collapsed.

The music industry is full of opportunists just waiting to make a quick buck and having the wrong belief system in such a World can be a dangerous thing (young man). When people tell me they want to be in the industry I tell them don’t make records, be an accountant or a lawyer.

My observation of the rest of the planet however is that most people have money and love collapsed.

Somehow we forget who we are and stop realising that we are all just energy vibrating within an energy field. Everything I see is part of me, I am all of you and more.

If you are trying to attract love, money or both, you have to remember that money can’t buy love! Actually it is simply because it is money not love, though it does have equal value in terms of energy!

Yet how few of us understand this. It almost always goes that someone with a great love life is poor and someone with money can’t get into a relationship. It seems like they are separated, they are not…

And no matter how well you think you have these concepts down, a bit of fast track clearing never does any harm.