Laurence Sunderland

When I was at school, one of my best friends was Laurence Sunderland. When we left school Laurence became an insurance salesman and sold me a life insurance policy.

He sold lots of people life insurance policies, tried to sell me two, then even sold me on the idea of selling them as well. I remember the packs, they were glossy black with a ‘John Player’ type logo in gold.

Eventually Laurence lost a lot of friends. He became the guy everyone avoided talking to in the pub. No-one wanted to buy another policy from him and they sure as hell didn’t want to buy the same product from me. I recall becoming the brunt of a lot of the anger people had towards him.

In the end I moved to London defaulted on my policy and, he mentioned later, caused him a problem when he had to give back the commission he had earned on the sale.

Lawrence represents two of my limiting beliefs about money. Laurence is “mates rates” or in America “you should work for friends for free!” Laurence is also “pyramid marketing is cheesy”.

I wonder where these beliefs comes from?

Based on “everything we know about the World is learned in the first six or seven years of life” Did we even have pyramid marketing in the UK in the 1960’s?

I am also certain my parents never taught me to have a Bohemian attitude “I don’t need money” “I don’t care (about it)” and my brothers are nothing like me. However, the Yacht club they frequented almost certainly contributed to my dislike of the British Upper classes. The son of the local marina owning millionaire was a complete twat!

I meant to work on this over the weekend and it’s rather telling that I forgot 🙂

And how limiting are these beliefs?

Listening to Joe Vitale, Buddha of the Internet [sic] to try and shift some of my stuff is interesting because he has a glaring block yet still manages to make money.

Perhaps he would make even more money if he didn’t have it?

Perhaps I am missing something? I think not.

I have very good clarity in other areas and it’s not like I don’t have money in my life or I would be on the streets.

Anyway, enough of this introspective bull shift, I am going to get back to creating this weeks podcast.