Tao And Zen


occasional | adjective
occurring, appearing, or done infrequently and irregularly : the occasional car went by but no taxis.
• (of furniture) made or adapted for use on a particular occasion or for irregular use : an occasional table.
• (of a literary composition, speech, religious service, etc.) produced on or intended for a special occasion : he wrote occasional verse for patrons.
• dated employed for a particular occasion or on an irregular basis : occasional freelancer seeks full-time position.
occasionally | adverb

After recording an affirmation as a Buddhist chant and listening to it for 24 hours on a repeating loop, I asked my Tai Chi instructor “Do Taoists chant”

Apparently they do.

Isn’t it funny how everyone else knows something about you and you are the last to find out.

For the past twenty years at least people have been thrusting the Tao Te Ching under my nose and saying “if you believe that, then you had better read this”

And here am I being innovative only to find out the Chinese have been doing this for the past 2000 years.

The title of the blog is of course a play on the words “now and then”.

My interest in attaining an empty space where thought should (or possibly should not) be has come in fits and starts, sometimes punctuated with drug use or as a side effect of meditation or yoga.

I was once in a band called ‘The Occasional Project’ with a chap called Darrell Lockhart (we also did Garden Of Eden – click About Me above to see my Discography).

I recall Darrell being very interested in ‘Sahaja Yoga’ and having a go myself. Self-realization? I think I can honestly say I have achieved that now, only on a “now and then” basis.

For example I realise that if I eat this whole bar of chocolate I won’t be able to sleep and what am I doing?

I also notice that my thinking mind needs more observation. By that I mean I need to retreat to an observational point and separate myself from it.

One way to do this seems to be Tai Chi.

When you allow kinaesthetic memory to become the driving force behind your Tai Chi and let it just flow (in other words, when you stop thinking about every move, stop being a control freak and simply let go), then it is easy to make the observation “the thinker cannot be me because it is not in control of these actions, yet I am still here doing them”.

All my thinking mind needs to do is state an intention “I am going to complete a Tai Chi set” then let me get on with it.

Perhaps it is time to train the mind like the dangerous animal it is? Put it on a leash and have it guard my property (my inner spiritual architect) and let it bark the odd intention into the Universe from time to time.

And as life is all energy and money needs to flow somewhere, all I need to do is allow my thinker to state “I am a billionaire” and then throw it a bone “good brain, have some chocolate”

Then just let my kinaesthetic money muscle flex and wait for the big bucks to flow in.

Anyone wanna buy anything? LOL

Bugger I just ran out of chocolate…