To Make Lasting Changes

It strikes me that to make lasting changes through Self-Development,
there must be agreement.

First of all there must be agreement within ourselves. Any limiting
beliefs, or past blocks must be cleared, or at the very least accepted.

Once this is done, the real work can begin.

The people we have relationships with are as comfortable with the way
we are, as we are ourselves.

They will do anything to keep us the way we were, especially if they
are not working on themselves.

The bigger the changes we have made, the harder it will be for them to

Beaten wives will goad their newly reformed husband into hitting them,
so that they can feel safe.

Or friends may push a recovering alcoholic to drink.

No matter how unhealthy it is, what we know feels safe.

So as well as re-assuring ourselves that the changes we have made are
lasting, we must attend to our relationships.

There are three main exercises you can do to achieve this.

You can find out more about it by reading my book.