Money & Belief

I am taking another radical look at money.

To me, it appears to be just another form of energy and like all
energy it can be blocked.

If I use another form of energy (electricity) as an analogy and take a
look at what it does, there appears to be an interesting clue as to
what to do to have more of it flow through our lives.

Electricity takes the shortest route it can back to earth, or to put
it another way, the path of least resistance.

So simply by removing all resistance to money flowing through our
lives, we become open to abundance.

It sounds absolutely nuts, only somewhere in your life you are
blocking money if you don’t have any.

Digging around in my past reveals that as a kid I was deemed
completely irresponsible with money when I failed to hand in my Cub
Scout ‘Bob A Job’ money and instead spent it on sweets.

My parents also gave me a considerable amount of grief when someone in
our street paid me a shilling (equivalent to five new pence, or a
dime) to do four hours gardening for them and then told me they would pay
me when I came back and finished the job the following day.

I was told they saw me coming, I have had an issue with being ripped off ever since.

In the end I kept the money.

I have continued in this vein through life and to be honest, if you
have ever sponsored me to do anything, I am afraid I probably spent
the money on beer.


It’s a similar story with anything I have ever sold second hand. I
probably kept the accessories from the electronic item I sold you, in
fact I may even still have them here.

Then I used to buy several motorcycles, strip the good parts to make
myself a really nice bike, then paint up all the crap and sell it on.

Okay I ended up with a free bike at the end of it, only at what cost?

A whole load of work, a handful of angry people with bikes made out of
parts that should have been on the tip and a bucket load of bad karma.

I probably spent weeks fiddling around with this sort of thing, and
why? I know I can earn the money I need to buy a motorcycle in a

Again, I am sorry and have seen the error in my judgement, it won’t
happen again.

Then to the bargains. I have a tendency to buy stuff I actually don’t
need simply because it’s pitched at a good price.

Me hoarding something someone else may find useful is causing a block elsewhere in the Universe. When I “grabbed” a bargain on eBay, someone else didn’t get to buy it. What if I stopped someone from getting the very thing they needed to move forward just so I could feel good about ‘winning’ for a few seconds?

I have 37 tyres in my garage, none of which will fit any of the
motorcycles I have.

I have a studio full of things I never use, I record all my music on a computer!

I have lots of motorcycle frames, a pile of swing arms including one
from a Harley, various Ducati parts and half a ton of monkey bike

So what am I doing to address it?

I currently have a “what has negative energy” list running.

Anything that was acquired with bad feeling is being given away, I no longer want it in my life.

While I can’t appease the person I caused the bad feeling with in the
first place (whoever they were, it was so long ago) I do believe that
giving things away to people who will find joy in them will negate the bad karma.

And as it’s my belief system, I am going to stand up and face it and
stop scrabbling around in the dirt for pennies – though I know a very
lucrative place to do it if that’s your thing 🙂

I am not sure what any of this actually says about my beliefs about
money and I am working on it. I just created a fantastic 15 minute
meditation CD which starts with my father telling me that money comes
to me easily and ends with a similar message from my mother.

These voices programmed me originally, so they are a powerful medium
for change. In a seven hour sleep cycle, provided my headphones don’t
fall out, I should hear my parents affirmation 28 times and my own
affirmation 2800 times.

I wonder how long it will take to work 🙂

In the mean time I am committed to giving YOU value on my web site and
finishing my book.


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