Brain Scanning Software

I learned today about new software which can recreate an image that a person is looking at totally from scratch based only on MRI scans of the brain.

The software is in its infancy and it reminds me of experiments in radio in the late 1800s.

The whole concept of being able to decode images from MRI scans is very exciting.

Sooner or later it means we will be able to record our dreams and of course play them back.

If our brains work the same way, then I will be able to record my dreams and play them back to you.

And sooner or later I will be able to record my consciousness and plug you in to my life experience.

Imagine the power of such a training tool for people with autism and vice verse, for “a natural” person to observe autism first hand.

This might sound far fetched? It’s not…

The first radio couldn’t transmit sound or speech and was dubbed “wireless telegraph”.

The first public demonstration of wireless telegraphy took place on the 14th of August in 1894.

If anyone had explained modern radio, television, mobile phones, satellites, wireless internet and the concept of instantly sharing massive amounts of data with anyone, anywhere in the World using
variations on wireless telegraph technology, the inventors would have been astounded.

I regularly dump large chunks of CD quality speech from my iPhone to my computer across our wi-fi network.

A far cry from morse code!

And it seems that brain scan technology is suddenly moving very fast.

A lot has been published in the past few months to show we are gaining a good understanding of where our consciousness might reside.

A lot of people on this planet have taken the introspective journey into self awareness and feel they have inner knowledge about who they really are.

I have been there many times and remain cynical and a sceptic.

I do wonder who the first person on the planet will be to have true enlightenment?

The person who will find out who we really are beyond the illusions of perception?

Perhaps we are like the Tibetan monks who drink alcohol then try to remain conscious?

In that we are really a being who immerses itself in the game of life, an emotional roller coaster ride and then has to find a way out.

Imagine for one second we are none of these.

What if there is nothing more to life than this?

That we are just human and desperate for an answer.

What if there is no answer?

Could you accept that?