When Technology Fails


I am sitting in the hair dressers with my son who is getting his hair cut.

I asked my partner to email me a picture of the hair cut my son had chosen so that I could show it to the hair dresser.

When we arrived I tried to show the hair dresser the picture on my iPhone.

No connection!


So I ended up outside the shop standing in the middle of the square trying to get a signal.

10 minutes later and haircut under way, I was able to show the hairdresser what he wanted.


Then I started to think – I totally rely on this hand held technology now for information.

I don’t take half the stuff with me that I used to.

Only without connectivity it’s utterly useless.

I am rather hoping that the corner I have found which appears to have some sort of signal, continues to have one until I have finished my blog.

It makes me worry about the technology implants I suggested in an earlier blog and podcast.

I was the guy standing in the middle of the road a few minutes ago – and had the technology moved inside our heads I would have been the mad bloke stopped in the street staring into space.

My son’s hair is almost finished now.

It is his generation that will have to deal with this.

Hell – no service!


No copy / paste!

Let’s hope this glorious oversight on Apple’s part doesn’t prevent my message from getting out…

Food for thought.

Mark Ty-Wharton