The Blind Leading The Blind

I have a couple of friends who are registered blind and there is something very tranquil (for me) about communication with them.

There is no expectation that I should ‘look’ at them for a socially acceptable length of time, or that they should do the same for me.

Speaking with one of them this evening, I said “so can you see anything on that 38 inch television” to which she replied “no not really”.

Puzzled I asked “so how do you read facial expressions then”?

“Do you know how I do it” she said. “I listen to their voices”.

Which is exactly what I do and explains why we get on so well.

We accept each other as we are…

Perhaps people with Aspergers should carry an orange stick?

That way “naturals” could afford Aspergerians the same courtesy as they afford people who are partially sighted.

Or perhaps it’s all in my head and nowhere near as complicated as I would like to believe it is.

And yet, society does have certain expectations of me because I appear on the surface to be much the same as them. There is no visible disability, in fact quite the opposite.

Being highly articulate, intelligent and eloquent actually sets up a situation where any social faux pas will be all the more embarrassing.

And my routine of playing dumb and anxiety struck might have protected me all these years, only no-one is really buying it.

I need to acknowledge my eccentric genius if I am going to accommodate myself and be of value to the World.

I guess we are all fumbling around in the dark in our own way, some of us more obviously than others.

I’ll go on ahead with this light if you please.

While I am here shining that light on a few things, I may be able to show you with something visionary.

You may care to see it, or you may choose not to and follow anyway.

Please don’t do that. I am trying to provide you with a logical solution.

I wondered….

Does that make me a leader?

Only if you care to follow me, take this path, come with me and read my book…

I already wrote a hundred sound tracks to my life, perhaps it is time for an experiential guide!

Perhaps in a World where everyone is blind, it takes a blind man to see…

See you on the other side of the looking glass;

Mark Ty-Wharton