Give Away A Dollar A Day

I am having considerable difficulty with the final edit of my book and my computer is roaring hot. So I stopped writing two hours ago and started listening.

I have been listening to Todd Silva’s story on Law Of Attraction talk radio

Todd Silva’s take on money is to give it away.

A dollar a day.

Check out his web site

His take on the paradox of giving and receiving is also really interesting.

His attention is on giving and he explains beautifully what goes wrong for people who focus on their own lack and block their money energy.

The whole give a dollar a day away thing reminds me of a time in New York.

Back when I was working with Duran Duran, I went out for Korean Barbecue with friends. When we left the restaurant, I suddenly took it upon myself to start handing money out. I was trying to stuff money in this young girl’s ruck sack, only she thought I was trying to rob her.

She was running down the street followed closely by me stuffing a five-dollar bill in her bag. I achieved my objective and sauntered back to where we were trying to hail a taxi. The girl stood some distance away checking her bag and eventually pulled out the five-dollar bill. She had this look on her face, which was either shock or surprise.

So why was I doing this?

I had been speaking with the guys I was at dinner with about the Landmark Education Money Seminar.

The seminars are in ten parts and take place once a week. There was a homework exercise on the seminar one week where you have to give money away. You get to choose the amount and who you give it to. It cannot be someone you owe money to. You are not allowed to explain why.

I did my usual. “This will be easy” I thought. For a whole week, no opportunity presented itself and I found myself on the way to the seminar not having done the homework.

I was late and driving a really beaten up red Citroen 2CV. I screeched to a halt at a bus stop and leapt from the car waving a ten-pound note at a man and saying, “can I give you this please”.

Like the girl in New York, the guy was really freaked out and started shouting “no, get away from me”.

I explained it was real money and he was having none of it.

An older couple who had been watching also refused.

Finally a guy standing with his wife piped up “can I have it” to which I responded “yes, thanks, thanks, thank you very much” and as I leapt back in the car I noticed him inspecting it to see if it was real.

I totally understand why Todd gives money anonymously!

My blog and my podcast are designed to make people think. I ask a lot of questions, play devils advocate and unravel my own belief systems, even unravel beliefs about my beliefs.

My book on the other hand answers some of the questions in life.

I have finished writing my book and it will be published in a few days and unlike my blog, you will have to pay for it.

In some sense, Todd’s websites are about shifting belief.

And it’s got me thinking, perhaps I should be giving you the answers in my blog and charging you for a book full of questions?

Or maybe my true vocation is asking questions?

In which case, buy the book to show me your support and continue to get the value of the blog for free 🙂

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

Mark Ty-Wharton.