Jehovah’s Word On The Law Of Attraction

Some Jehovah’s Witnesses just knocked on my door.

My usual routine is to tell them my mother is a Jehovah’s witness, that if there is anything I need to know I’ll ask her, then I accept literature and close the door.

This is probably far more charitable a response than they get from most people, except the reality of it is, I am giving them the bare minimum of my time to get them to go away.


The life of a Jehovah’s witness is not for me. The religion makes too many hard and fast decisions, presents them as fact and leaves no opening for anything else. It always “God’s way or the hell way”. I particularly dislike the idea of my intuition being demonic and don’t plan to denounce it any time soon.

I remembered my Christmas message.

One World Religion?

I remembered my book. Maybe the Jehovah’s Witnesses had come with some other message.

How did they fit in with all this?

What happened next was very interesting. I started to listen to them from the perspective of “what can they tell me that I can add to my book”.

They asked if my mother had not got me interested enough to become a Witness and I explained it was the other way around. It was my interest in the religion as a teen that had my mother study with them. They asked what I was into now.

I explained that I was into in the ‘Law Of Attraction’ thing that everyone’s talking about, though my take on it was more logical.

As I went on to explain it in more detail their faces lit up.

“You mean something like this” one of them said and opened his Bible to page 1453. “This is one of my favourite scriptures”.

Suddenly, I had transformed Jehovah’s Witnesses into really interesting people to listen to.

We discussed Christ, Christmas and the concept of giving at length. I said “And of course, you are giving by being here, you are giving your time to bring me this message”.

What amazes me is that as I listened, I realised that Jehovah’s Witnesses already know about the ‘Law Of Attraction’. And if they know, then ‘The Secret’ isn’t a secret at all. If the message is in the Bible, then it’s in every hotel room drawer in Western civilisation!

“We reap what we sow” he said. “It’s no use walking around with a sour look on your face, you’ll get punched in the mouth. Smile and everyone will be happy”

Odd I thought, I just wrote a whole chapter about that in my book and he just explained it in a sentence.

So Christians have already got it!

The only problem I can see is they have some of it negatively framed.

“Thou Shalt Not Kill”

Imagine doing that as an affirmation!

Maybe that’s a cultural thing? Perhaps something was lost in the translation?

“Thou Shalt Nurture Life (the lives of others)” would work better 🙂

Conversation over, I came in sat and settled down to write. Before starting I checked my email and a huge grin spread across my face.

My InBox contains a Pagan calendar attached to an email from my friend Jeff.

I guess the point of this blog is that the energy is all around us.

Inspiration comes from our listening and the message can be heard everywhere it seems!

See you on the other side of the looking glass

Mark Ty-Wharton