Good Will To All Men (And Women)

As a man with Aspergers I have a habit of valuing everything only in reference to my personal view point and have been known to come across as self absorbed, arrogant and aloof.

In my experience human beings are desperately trying to balance on a tight rope between two extremes.

These two extremes are almost always different forms of a single energy. A single theme of energy may dominate a persons life and form their personal paradigm.

On this tight rope or paradigm every version of form exists, in my case from egotist to altruist.

I swing between moments of total introspection and those of knowing exactly what a person needs, giving and helping them through their darkest times.

In self-improvement, my focus is on striving to become more altruistic and I often struggle to connect with other human beings.

So what has my struggle got to do with Christmas?

Okay, I’ll explain…

Apply the same principle to someone in your life who annoys you.

Take your grumpy needy neighbour for example. Always asking for favours, always in a bad mood, always complaining.

Think about it…

Perhaps they are walking on a tight rope of give and take?

Find this person at a different point of balance in their paradigm and they might be giving, joyous and a compassionate listener for all your problems. They almost definitely do this for someone else.

Christmas momentarily brings out the best in people.

Our expectations are that everyone will be charitable.

In doing so we attract their best qualities.

Thinking of that person who annoys you, what is their paradigm?

What would be the opposite of them “doing their worst” in the World?

Perhaps you can use Christmas to jump start your relationship with that person?

Start by giving the person the very thing they seem to be lacking.

If they are complaining then listen, be sympathetic, cheer them up, whatever it takes.

Awaken the positive end of their personal paradigm, whatever it may be.

Above all, go out of your way to bring about ‘good will”.

Be positive and look for positivity.

It’s Christmas Day on the other side of the looking glass!

Good Will To All Men (And Women).

Mark Ty-Wharton.


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