SpeedIng At The Disco


I had an odd realisation the other day while driving.

I live in the UK and the significant speed limits are 70 mph, the national speed limit, 40 mph, the speed limit in an urban area and 30 mph, the speed limit in a built up area.

In most UK countys the Police force allow a margin of error.

For example driving in Cambridgeshire It is acceptable to drive at the speed limit plus 10% plus an additional 4 mph before actually being fined.

It is therefore acceptable to drive at 70 + 7 + 4 = 81 mph.

Then I was thinking about DJs and record players.

When I was a kid my record player had 3 speeds, 33 1/3, 45 and 78.

Strangely these equate roughly to the UK speed limits.

If I drive at 33 1/3 mph I am within the margin of error for the 30 limit.

Likewise for 45 mph and 78 mph.

In fact all have their own built in margin of error.

A useful way perhaps to remember how fast I can drive and still get away with breaking the law.

I suppose if you have never seen a record player this won’t make much sense to you. And as a CD spins at 500 rpm you’ll be facing a prison sentence or a land speed record if you apply the above to a vehicle.

Likewise if you live anywhere else other than the UK the idea may not be useful to you.

Ultimately this is a demonstration of how an Aspergers mind works.

Perhaps further demonstration of that might be me telling you I am visiting family and I am sitting at someone else’s kitchen table typing this idea into my iPhone – LOL.

God’s speed be with you on the other side of the looking glass!

Mark Ty-Wharton.