What Goes Around


My partner recently found an auction of designer clothes on eBay.

There was no picture and the postage was high, however feeling lucky she took a chance and bid.

She won the clothes for £2.99, a bargain considering there were at least forty items in the lot.

The clothes arrived in a huge bag a couple of days later and included many brand new items, all good labels including Mexx, Jasper Conran and Adidas.

Being a kind and thoughtful person, my partner sent the seller an email thanking the seller for all the wonderful clothing and telling her how delighted she was with her purchase.

The seller replied saying my partner was very welcome. The seller also said that she was a hoarder who was pleased to be having a clear-out.

I looked at my partner and said “you know what this is don’t you”?

“No, what”? she replied, puzzled.

“The baby clothes” I said.

“Oh my God” she exclaimed in complete wonder “it is”!

For the past few months we have been preparing to move house and my partner decided hoarding three years worth of clothes ranging from infant to toddler was an energy block.

She has simply been washing them and giving them away on Freecycle.

It’s been extremely pleasurable too.

Rather than sell it on eBay, we gave away our baby equipment, including a high chair, steam steriliser and various other bits and pieces to local people who were delighted.

At the time it felt a little odd giving away things we had paid hundreds of pounds for, only now I feel encouraged to do it more.

I feel one of my favourite theories about the Universe has been proved yet again.

Going shopping to do my Give-Away-A-Dollar-A-Day

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

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