What Happens Next?


Consider an adaptation of the story of first man.

A being I like to refer to as the spiritual architect creates a fellow called Adam and places him in the Garden of Eden, giving him a commandment not to eat from the tree of knowledge, telling him he will die if he does.

Adam experiences only love and is surrounded with everything he needs, including a soul mate Eve. He has free will and is able to create anything.

Eve discovers eating from the tree will not result in death, but in Adam and Eve’s eyes being opened, resulting in them being as Gods, (in the Bible version of the story) knowing good and evil.

Convinced, Eve eats from the tree and has Adam do likewise. According to the Bible, both realise they are naked and cover themselves with fig leaves.

Now consider good and evil to mean love and without love. Consider the realisation of being naked to mean both are no longer fulfilled and have a desire to be dressed.

Adam and Eve finding themselves in a place where they no longer experience only love, start creating a World out of wanting and effectively expel themselves from a place of abundance.

When they lose their connection with love, which is timeless, immortal, they are cursed.

Adam is forced to work (mentally) for his food for the first time.

What happens next?

All will be revealed shortly in The Logic Of Attraction.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

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