Social Networking

As I expand my social networks I am finding the links between people increasingly bizarre.

I recently added someone I worked with at startle plc to my linked-in network and discovered he now works for the same company as my partner.

My partner met a woman called Emily on a leadership program in the summer and it turned out that she shared a flat with my sister in law’s best friend. My partner figured this out when Facebook threw up a ‘mutual friend’.

It then turned out Emily’s ex-husband is the business partner of a good friend of Nick Rhodes and myself.

I was at a childrens party last night and the mother of the birthday child turned out to know Emily who in turn introduced me to another man who knew both Emily and the aforementioned friend.

Then another tenuous link, his wife was in the same class at school as Jonathan Le Bon!

Today I was looking for people I have been in bands with on Facebook, I found Angela McCluskey who was in The Garden Of Eden (obviously not the one I was talking about yesterday) and added her as a friend.

I scanned through her friend list to see if she had links to any of the other band members. To my utter amazement, Angela is a good friend of the lovely Wendy who manages Duran Duran.

Without social networking, I would never have known that these people knew each other.

What really strikes me is how linked we really are.

In the mean time, the book is finished and my three year old is helping me with the finishing touches, he is doing some illustrative work!

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

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