I Love Money


I am sitting very quietly now, contemplating all the things I have written about.

I finally have a clear understanding about money and the energy of money.

I recognise that what I no longer want to focus on is people with money who use it to replace self-worth.

I think there are two main types.

First there are the people with low self-esteem who generate fortunes and use the energy of money to prove something to themselves. Relatively harmless entrepreneurs, perhaps even philanthropists, though probably not altruistic. I imagine these people to want to feel good if they do something worthy for someone else.

Then there are the people with low self-esteem who use the energy of money to prove something about themselves. They use money to pitch themselves above the low life who don’t have it. The archetypal British snob who drives a huge gas guzzling four wheel drive SUV in the City, just so they can look down on you and treats less fortunates like a speck of dirt on their shoe.

For me, I recognised I clearly needed to do something to move forward financially, only I have no desire to end up like either of these.

I was stuck with the idea that choosing money, as opposed to choosing another form of acknowledgement for my contributions to life, meant choosing to be one or other of the above characters.

I am inspired by the film “Conversations With God” in which Neale Donald Walsch treats all human beings as valuable. Particularly the part when he speaks to a humble janitor about his book. Perhaps for me, choosing money as a measure of value doesn’t work.

In the past few days I’ve recognised there are other ways to think about and be around money and that my limited beliefs and my perception has been holding me back.

I recently joined a Mastermind group and we had our first session today. What came up for me was that while I feel my bohemian attitude to money has been a limiting belief, other people in the group suggested it may be a strength and I should not struggle to change it.

The common goal of the group is around generating income and I now recognise I could use money to reflect my inner peace in my outer World.

However, generating income is not just about having the money, the resulting bank balance doesn’t hold our key interest.

We have generated a very specific goal. A goal I will talk about in future blogs and podcasts as the idea unfolds.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

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