Zen And The Art Of Revenge


My Honda DAX
My Honda DAX

Book draft twenty two has made it into my Lulu project folder and I have a print ready pdf of everything so far. Fuelled by two bars of 65% chocolate I actually feel I need to take a break and get sleep.

Despite crunching my way through 200g of cocoa, I keep nodding off in front of the computer. Perhaps I am confronted by my own beliefs?

I have been writing this book virtually every day for over a month and like all Aspergerian special interests, this has consumed Christmas, New Years Eve a wedding and at least two people’s birthdays.

One of the positive benefits to having AS I guess, is the ability to completely focus on a task without any regard for what it may be doing to the people around you.

Thankfully my partner is very understanding. So understanding in fact, she is proof reading everything and asking for clarity on various topics until she is certain the book is clear.

She is also ignoring the mess in the kitchen!

The book is also making its way back to Kris, who transcribed the initial manuscript as well as various other people who have offered their help.

I am also planning the audio book with a voice over artist and a series of audio meditations which reflect different aspects of the book. All will be available shortly.

In a way it is a difficult book to write, because we are all confronted by our own beliefs, though between us, the commas and periods will be in the right places.

All I know is, I personally need to finish this book right now, though I can’t let it go till it’s absolutely right.

Other special interests are finding their way into my consciousness…

And I have a natural flow of interests which usually runs between motorcycles, music technology and philosophy.

Suddenly Detroit Bros Revenge is back in my favourites list and I am taking notice of bike parts on eBay.

I have three bikes to get ready to ride this season, this one pictured is the 1970 Honda I built last year.

And yes, it even plays a minor part in the book!

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

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