How To Promote A Book…

First things first before promoting a book, you will need a book to promote.

In mid November I considered writing a book and wrote a synopsis, a few days later, on the 10th December I started writing and finished yesterday, then published it.

A proper book no less, a book with 35,334 words and all of them great words, though some of them might be the same.

My friend Peter asked me today “so what is it about Mark?”

And I replied, “It is about the law of attraction, the idea that our thoughts dictate the reality that we live in, that we can have anything we want in life by simply being aware of our thoughts. My book takes a look at this concept in a lighthearted and humorous way, evaluating it from a logical standpoint.”

“Ah,” he says “sounds vaguely biblical.”

Actually, it’s not…

While writing the book, I thought long and hard about the price. I visited book shops and looked at books and wondered about size as well.

I found a book that felt really nice and fitted in my pocket. I loved the feel of it and decided it was what I wanted so I measured it.

Cue slightly odd looking man with a large orange tape measure in W H Smiths.

I compared all the books this size in the shop and they ranged in price from £5.99 to £16.99 and some were strange prices like £8.97

I don’t love things that are £8.97

I do however LOVE the number 9 and decided £9 flat would be a perfect price.

I pondered the price of the download and settled on the same figure.

I actually want to encourage people to buy the paperback. I LOVE real books. Books you can throw in a suitcase and take on retreat. Books you can read on a train. Books you can read in the bath (not hardbacks with loose covers that fall off and get wet!!!)

The information is the same in the eBook or the paperback and is really good value at £9.

I’ll be completely straight and tell you the paperback is way under priced in terms of revenue. If I sell a paperback through Amazon I get £1.10 which is shocking.

However I would like you to buy the paperback, so I encourage you to do so by making it affordable.

On to the sales pitch…

There isn’t one…

My sales pitch is simply “No hard sell? You’ll love this book… Buy it because it feels right!”

You can read it here

I am bored to the back teeth with Internet sites trying to sell me things I don’t want.

I have had more than enough of seeing the numbers 97 bucks – reduced to 47 or even 37.

Can we please be more honest with one another.

Coming from a place of LOVE, my book is £9 and it isn’t pretending not to be, by being £8.97 – what you see is what you get…

Coming from a place of LOVE, I am telling you my profit margin.

Sure if I sell a million books, I become a millionaire and I would LOVE to do so as there are so many people I would benefit, starting with a transport museum full of retired old men teaching talented teenagers.

I suppose my sales approach is, I’ll get what I am attracting no matter what I say or do, because my pitch is a reflection of who I am being…

And I am being LOVE!

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

creative thinker | innovator | visionary