Money CAN buy me LOVE

I had a LOVE day today.

I planned to take my toddler to school, then return home and use the time to finish editing a podcast.

On the way home, I got a call from a friend who is fund raising for an event.

She said “I am asking people to give me money in the name of LOVE what do you think?”

And as we were discussing the idea, we both decided we would happily give someone £30 if they asked for it – especially if they said they needed the money to benefit other people – that the money was going to a cause in the name of LOVE.

I started thinking about Todd Silva’s

I get an enormous amount of pleasure from knowing that someone will find my pound and put it to good use.

I also have a new attitude towards finding money, which is interesting.

Rather than look at it and think ‘Well it isn’t mine is it’ and pop it in a charity box, I now think ‘I wonder if someone left that there for me.’

I believe money is energy. And the energy that flows through everything? LOVE – at least that is what we currently define it as.

Therefore MONEY = LOVE.

So I said “I’ll give you £50 for LOVE.”

Slightly shocked, my friend said “but I am not asking you for the money”

“Yup, I know, I’ll give it to you anyway” I replied.

I pledged to give it to her in cash when I see her on Monday.

When I got home I walked in the door and thought “What else can I do for LOVE”

Then the phone rang…

It was Nightingale-Conant!

I spoke to a very nice chap there about LOVE.

Then I went and had a LOVEly bath.

Then I went and collected my toddler from school and recorded a podcast about LOVE at the same time.

I LOVEd the rain.

I came home and had super juice which I LOVEd.

Then participated in the weekly SonicTalk music technology podcast which I LOVE.

I looked at this motorcycle which I LOVE.

Ate a LOVEly meal and went out to a LOVEly singing lesson.

And now I am sitting writing – which I LOVE…

Next to my beautiful partner who I LOVE!

By expressing LOVE through one simple act of altruism, I experienced a day of pure JOY.

My podcast completed itself.

And everything I have done today has been peaceful.


See you on the other side of the looking glass,

creative thinker | innovator | visionary