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I have been speaking with an old friend about one of his consciousness expanding drug experiences and he has kindly agreed to do an interview for a future podcast.

We noted during our conversation that his experience more than likely mirrored the experience of someone with classic autism. He is not the first person I have spoken to about this and is unlikely to be the last.

He basically lost all sense of reality, melted into and entered the void.

Don’t worry, he wasn’t driving.

Then I suggested that there was significant irony in the fact that human beings strive to achieve oneness while at the same time striving to cure autism and have people who are experiencing the oneness, people with no conscious understanding of the illusion of reality, be like us.

This is possibly a delicate area, particularly for someone who has a severely autistic child.

Has our culture got it all wrong?

We put Osho on a platinum pedestal to teach us autism and yet organisations like ARC struggle to get funding.

As an Aspergerian, I have spent years conditioning myself to communicate with neuro-typical people and do a very good job of it.

In learning, I have even understood neuro-typical problems and can act as an interpreter between the neuro-tribe and the aspie-tribe.

I communicate well with both groups.

If only there were someone who could interpret for classic autism?

Then perhaps we wouldn’t need Osho?

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

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  1. Dear Mark,

    I’ve been following you blog and your podcast for some time now.
    There is some strange coincidence between a recent discussion I’ve had and this blog entry where you mention osho.
    My brother, who is a far more spiritual person than me, adviced me to read osho because he finds osho inspiring. I’ve answered him that you have come up with an interesting theory about attraction and that your logical way of seeing things might be better for someone with a logical attitude towards live like me.
    Shortly after thsi discussion you talk about osho and how his thinking is connected to your logical system.
    I’m really looking forward to read you book and find out more



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