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I am reticent to use my blog as a sales forum.

I learned a sales trick today which involves priming you, then getting you to remember seven pieces of information so your logical mind is overloaded…

Then I offer you with a choice.

I could easily MAKE you BUY my book, only wouldn’t that be a bit like someone hypnotising a girl to sleep with them?

Where is the personal satisfaction in cheating?

I don’t like hard sells and I am fighting the person helping me with my sales copy all the way to the charity shops.

The predictable future being; my book is all set to find its place next to my records in “Hospice R US”.

But… I had a huge realisation tonight.

My book is brilliant. It is my message to the World and it rocks!

If you haven’t bought your copy yet, I urge you to buy one.

I want you to have this book and I am not going to give it to you…

Not because I want to make money, far from it, mine is another directive.

Compared to other similar books my book is reasonably priced and contains at least a dozen life changing concepts.

Value for money?

The cover price is equivalent to a reasonable bottle of wine, the value you’ll get is way beyond money.

I want you to read my message. I want to turn your life into something amazing. I want you to wake up each day and feel as good as I do.

I was discussing self-development with a friend and she mentioned various different principles.

We talked about belief and how to turn that around.

We also talked about Zen and creativity.

Then we went on to talk about money. I actually recognised for the first time that my bohemian attitude towards money allows me the freedom to explore.

To wind up divorced and living on a boat, in a tent and a dilapidated camper van and to survive. I don’t fear failure, there is only adventure and mine has just begun…

Again 🙂

So I looked at her and said “believe it or not, I wrote about all of those in my book”.

She bought one.

My friend has just joined me on my adventure and I invite you to do the same.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

creative thinker | innovator | visionary

PS Remember to enter my Duran Duran Competition…


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  1. Mark

    We had a brief back and forth on Twitter but I coudn’t send you a DM there for some reason. I wanted to give you more information about Daniel Wagner…

    I understand and can appreciate the power of leveraging, believe me. I just thought if you went to his first course you could see his credentials in action – as it were and if you’re the lucky one and stick your hand up high enough, it could be your site that he creates and makes live there and then on the day – how would that be for a value add?

    When I went to his first course, there was a lady there who wanted to market her expertise in the area of antisocial behaviour and he liked the subject so he created the following landing page for her right before our eyes!

    See what you think, maybe it would be worth the time and the £97 only that you would be investing in order to gain the enormous value that he added to that day – what do you think?

    Warm Regards

    Toni Hunt


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