Otto’s Suggestion

I am mildly amused…

No-one has left…

More people bought the book, thank you. I hope you enjoy it.

I also received a number of really kind comments. Thank you again.

So what am I attracting?

The perfect marketing strategy?

More evidence that what I am saying is valid!

Certainly more evidence that Chapter XI is the most important piece of information I can ever tell you.

For me, it is easy and always has been the answer to the Universe and everything.

Thank you.

With this in mind, I had an interesting experience recently which I am going to share with you.

I hide something about myself for fear of ridicule.

I actually secretly help a lot of people using autistic intuitive problem solving. Gently nudging them in the right direction, often without them even knowing, sometimes without me even knowing!

This is very hard to write about. I am cringing a bit and wondering if I should continue.

Certain things happen to me all the time and I am starting to think there is something more to the way I unwaveringly know certain things (than autism alone).

An example:

I’ll change the names a little because the story itself is true.

I was speaking with my friend Jane about her brother Dave.

She was telling me how her brother was stuck somewhere in the snow and was in a panic because he was somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be.

“Where is he, that he’s not supposed to be?” I asked.

“Well”, said Jane, “Dave has a girlfriend and he is seeing someone else”.

“Do I know them?” I said.


It could have been one of thirty people and I looked at her without really thinking about it and said “So, he’s shagging Mary”.

Jane blinked, cocked her head to one side and muttered something.

“Wow, am I right?” I ventured…

“I can’t tell you” replied Jane.

My biggest problem at this point is, I have no idea what the blink meant.

As a man with Aspergers, I am face blind. I cannot read facial expressions beyond smile and frown. Anything else is a blur.

I studied her face really carefully looking for signs, any sign at all, of anything.

I kinda felt like a German trying to understand Japanese.

The tiny creases on her face revealed nothing.

“Am I right?” I asked “Please tell me”.

“Well all I can say is you are very psychic” she replied.

The skin on the back of my neck crackled into life and I felt my face flushing. Goose bumps came up on my arms.

“That’s mental” I said, astounded. “How the f*ck could I possibly know that, out of all the people on the planet, her!!!”

Slightly bewildered Jane sheepishly revealed I was right and said “for God’s sake don’t tell anyone”.

She has goose bumps at this point too.

Since changing my diet from alcohol and marmite on toast to super-juice, salads, high protien snacks and dark chocolate, I have become something of a receiver for this kind of information.

I am not clairvoyant, I don’t hear voices and I wouldn’t say I was psychic in the classic sense.


I know stuff.

I read into things.

I intuit.

I was at the local paper today to see a reporter. She asked me what my book was about and I started to explain Law Of Attraction.

I know she wasn’t getting it.

I know she will when she reads the book.

Maybe it would be truer to say…

The book is an intuitive message from my visionary soul.

Apparently I am teaching the same things as some of the newest philosophies around, some so new you won’t have heard of them yet.

Now, being brutally honest…

Everyone I know personally who has bought the book is currently ill.

It’s a difficult book to read, because it is transformative.

It is a difficult book to buy because the subject matter is confronting.

If you are reading it, you are a pioneer for change. Thank you.

After writing it, I then read it back and got a whole load of stuff about myself I didn’t know!

I am currently reading it again and I am stuck on Chapter IV 🙂

It’s hard work?

Wow, another belief maybe?

Like – I can’t market books…

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

creative thinker | innovator | visionary