A message for Jade Goody


I have been thinking about Jade Goody.

It’s not clear if she will die, it seems she may still have a choice.

I feel she needs to do some work.

She can probably do more to prolong her own life than any doctor.

If I was Jade Goody I would do the following.

I would start giving, I would give the things I loved the most to the people I had the least love for.

Not from a place of resentment, from a place of the realisation of the meaninglessness of it all.

I would give my most precious possession to my arch enemy (if I had one). Not in an act of desperation, in an genuine act of letting go.

For me, letting go of that resentment would symbolise letting go of the cancer. Cancer is something extra that is not supposed to be there.

Let go of everything that is eating you up inside. Be at peace.

Giving would symbolise for me, giving up the things in life I can never truly own.

Jade clearly wants to live to enjoy the life she has, yet she cannot take the life she has with her if she dies. What she can take is the joy of giving. The feeling of knowing that someone else can have that which she holds most dear.

I would start caring.

I would focus on caring for my partner more than I do now, in every waking moment. I would care for my children and care for my parents and my friends.

I would hide from the media (or respectfully ask they only made peaceful reports about me) and shut everyone else out.

From a place of loving, giving and caring I would choose to forgive everyone and everything that ever harmed me.

I would only do things I loved and things that brought me joy. I would bathe in beautiful surroundings and dry myself with soft scented towels. I would surround myself only with peace.

This is clearly a battle of resentments and it is currently being won by cancer.

Forgive them, hold no anger towards anyone, let it all go.

Jade Goody should not face a battle. A battle will kill her. She is seeking peace. She is seeking an escape from the fear, an escape from the anger and she is seeking to live.

Not many people realise that the verge of death is the door to life.

What she does with her life now holds the key to the Universe and everything.

On the other side of the pain, there is only love.

Whatever Jade Goody is to you, she is another human being who needs love.

Whoever you are, love her, she is an amazing child of the Universe, let her be at peace and let her be free.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

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