I Am A Genius Are You


Can you help?

I have been listening to…

Writing about things and purging things to help others?

I think.

Actually I have been listening to Vision Quest Radio and the inspirational Mr Twenty Twenty.

I have picked up a few signals from Mr Twenty, who is a fellow visionary and all round fascinating sort of fella.

Now I am waiting for a channel of thought to develop.

I am surrounded by blocked energy and because I am not sure it is my problem, I am not doing anything about it.

For a moment I had my eyes closed.

I had a moment of synesthesia. The computer made a weird click and a flash of white light, a bit like a camera flash when your eyes are closed, entered my consciousness in response to the sound.

This means I am tired. It means I have had way too much stimulus recently and I am over sensitive.

It probably means I will become more obsessive about my current special interests, which are TWITTER and MARKETING.

I am tired and I am trying to write.

I am jammed.


Jammed with the idea I have to promote a book.

Okay I have written a book and I want people to read it.

It’s not like a record, it’s not over in four minutes. This is something of substance.

Cottage industries are great, only doing everything yourself means that you get to do the stuff you don’t want to do yourself.

You get to do the stuff you are not good at.

For me it is marketing.

Imagine a guy with Aspergers writing copy that will connect with people.


I tried enlisting various people’s help and they don’t get me, think I am some pushy weird nutter or something because I don’t know where the boundaries are and over step them.

Spiritual people saying “stop tweeting me it is annoying”.

I am the guy who thinks everyone else’s advertising copy is bull shit.

I can SEE right through it.

Hypnotic marketing?

Won’t work on me – I don’t care what you say…


I was GIVEN a free gym membership today worth £750.

Great marketing ploy right?

Who knows. I already have gym membership. I may go along to see if there is a catch.

Maybe they just know once they got me I’ll be there for year two? I know I can’t use that ploy myself.

I want to go back to sitting and thinking.

I want to go back to piecing bits of the Universe together.

I want someone who is great at marketing to come and hold my hand and to sell my book.

If this sounds whingy – then it’s interesting – I have clearly been spending the last two weeks doing something I am not designed to do.

I am not the zappy ad guy in a fake moleskin jacket with a rented mansion and a hire car.

I can’t do that.

What I can do is INSIGHT.

I can crawl INSIDE your head and MAKE YOU THINK.

My friend thinks I have the answers to the Universe.

I think I just know which questions to ask.

So here is a question.

I am a genius, are you?

I need a marketing guy who has a knack for it, in the same way I have a knack for thinking.

I need you to come into my world and help, before I go completely mad.

That way I can start the next book.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

creative thinker | innovator | visionary



  1. *gets really red* I’m sorry, I did not mean it that way. I meant it that I do not know you other then the blogs and now reading the book. I felt saying that you seem to have a kind soul (from your blogs)would be more truthful then saying genius (coming from a stranger), until I knew more about you. Forgive how that read, I meant no disrespect.


  2. Mark is a genius. I know it as fact. I’ve had the great honour of working with him on my 12th album WAR NO MORE, which Mark produced, arranged, and engineered, with what can only be explained as insight, care, and… genius.

    Thanks Mark – and yes, I am a genius, too!


  3. I understand when it comes to this with marketing a book. I have had mine out since 2005 and knew deep down inside, promoting myself was not going to be easy. I had everyone telling me, “Reine’ you have to sped a few hours a day on the web, getting links up to your book. You have to do poetry readings (I am not into reading my own work aloud thanks) You have to go to book stores and sell them on getting your book stocked. It had me to the point, I had lost my love of writing. That whole “networking “thing goes against WHY I love reaching out to others and wHY I wanted them to read my poems. I felt like people seen me coming a mile away with a motive or something. “Here comes that poet chick again with the book, she asked me to help her get a write up in the paper”. I dunno who cringed more, me or them!

    I decided to just put it on a page and let it sell if it was meant to. Maybe it sounds like a cop-out, but it depends on what you see as being successful.
    I knew poetry would not be on the times best seller list, but I’ve had many who bought the book and took time to share with me feedback on how it touched them.
    We are not meant to be everything in this life. It OK to not be good at promo and it’s not coping out if you don’t want to have that plastic smile and pull all the strings you can remember to market your book.
    Don’t burn yourself out from it.
    P.S. people think I’m a freak to. I suppose they cannot believe in this day and age, anyone can be sincere and NOT want anything from you other, then to suit their needs.
    I think you are doing a fantastic job with this, and you took the challenge and at least are trying.
    I hope you do find someone who can really help you with this sir, because although I am not sure about the genius thing, you seem to have a kind soul.
    The Universe does not have the answers, we do. WE enlist the universe to SHOW us how to ask the right questions, so we can use what we’ve always known to be true. Because in the end, it comes back to us.


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