The Future Of Music And My Past

I am going to Middlesbrough.

I am going to talk to music technology students about their potential careers in the music industry.

I started my career in 1982 when I walked out of another kind of engineering, an apprenticeship, with the once legendary Wellworthy, following in the footsteps of my once legendary Grandfather (not the one who wrote the pig farming book).

When I started in music, there were no music technology courses. The first real courses in electronic music and sound engineering I heard of were run by the School Of Audio Engineering in East London.

I forged my own path.

I read everything I could, magazine articles, manuals, electronics books.

I experimented with creating sound on sound recordings at home.

I got talking to the live sound engineer at the local community centre and used to help set up the PA.

Then he asked me to do sound so he could concentrate on lights.

My way in.

I always do things in larger than bite sized chunks, so when I was recommended as a sound engineer for Stoke Newington Policemens Ball, I said yes.

Did I know what I was doing?

Nope, and boy did I learn how to look like I did know fast.

So what shall I tell these guys to inspire them?

Career paths?

This is going to be fun.

While I am away some reminders.

First one, you may or may not know, I have written a book called The Logic Of Attraction.

You can buy it from

I have already had some glowing testimonials.

Second one, you may or may not know, I have a weekly podcast.

If you enjoy reading this blog, you’ll enjoy the experiential version with sound.

The overall theme is similar and it is mixed on iPod headphones, so if you have an iPod you’ll literally be inside my head – LOL

You can listen here

However, you can also find it in the iTunes Store by searching for “Creative Catalyst”

It’s free and I recommend downloading it and listening somewhere that inspires you.

While you are there, check out some of my music from my past life as Mark Tinley.

You can find this easily by searching for TINLEY.

I have an album called “E3” which I released in 1993 and a more recent EP called “Seen In The Heart Of Me”

My 1999 sound art album “Flashback Generator, Binary, Electricity & Hexadecimal” will be joining these recordings shortly.

Finally while on the subject of music technology, I participate in the weekly podcast on

Again you can find this in the iTunes Store by searching for “Sonic Talk” and again it is free.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

creative thinker | innovator | visionary


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  1. will have a second go at reading THE LOGIC OF ATTRACTION
    The First go made it to page 39 where you switch from reading to
    recording the meditation so you can then play it
    back and participate, rather than reading and trying
    to participate at the same time.


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