MMR Vaccines

So, the US Court of Federal Claims has ruled vaccines do not cause autism.

I think I would tend to agree, except the ruling just scratches the surface of a bigger problem.

I would suggest that the MMR vaccine does have a detrimental effect on children with autism or aspergers. The long term effects of which will probably never be fully revealed.

As a person with aspergers, I am particularly sensitive to any medicines I take or anything else I put in my system for that matter, even sugar and caffiene.

If I take anti-depressants for anxiety I get manic, I would even go as far as to say imipramine triggers panic attacks.

If I take lorazepam the side effects make me feel so weird I also suffer acute anxiety.

I tried oxytocin – I don’t think I will try it again, though I may eventually publish the painfully disfunctional podcast, we’ll see.

People with autism and aspergers are particularly sensitive to anything and everything.

The flip side to the sensitivity and attention to detail even makes us good at some things.

In my case sound engineering and other creative pursuits.

However inject a two year old with mercury and you are asking for trouble.

MMR may not cause autism or aspergers, in retrospect my medical history clearly shows evidence of autism long before I received any vaccines.

However given the paradoxical reaction I have to almost any drug I take, I have approached the administering of vaccines to my own children with extreme caution.

If they have a latent autism gene which gets triggered by MMR then is it worth the risk.

Sadly petitioners will never be able to demonstrate that vaccinations play any role in autism, because every case of autism is different.

There are no control subjects, there is no commonality between us other than we are markedly different to the rest of the human race.

With a global system that pollutes us with dairy and wheat as our staple diet, can we really trust these findings.

If for one am not convinced.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

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  1. I happen to agree that although MMR doesn’t cause autism, I think it can certainly trigger something in those who have the senstivity. One good thing, there has been no mercury in children’s vaccines, at least in the U.S., for many years. (Except the flu vaccine, I believe).


  2. Interesting. I’ve read a lot about aspergers because I have a friend whose son has it. I’ve also read Oliver Saks who talks a bit about it as well. I became a vegetarian , I don’t eat dairy either, because I simply don’t trust what we eat. Dairy especially. When you tell people you think milk is bad they just don’t “get it”.

    Thanks for writing about this


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