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Why are people so hung up about the number of followers they have on Twitter?

Or that people they are following are not following them?

I see Twitter as being more like radio, or channeling.

I tune into the things that interest me and I am discovering more of them all the time.

Yes, I have taken all the recommendations on the Internet and followed people like Kenneth Yu and the Dalai Lama, only these people didn’t really rock my boat so I dropped them.

The interesting thing about Twitter for me is finding out what friends and family are doing in the moment.

For example, I know that my brother Dom is in Amsterdam and he was “Enviously watching everyone in Amsterdam cycling to work on their lovely bike paths” this morning.

In a finger snap instant we were connected for a moment and I had a flavour of his life.

A split second connection of consciousness which actually contributes to our collective intelligence as siblings.

His Twitter update is like a headline, or advertising slogan for the Dom lifestyle and next time I speak with him I will find out more.

Continuing to follow snapshots of his life in this manner might even instigate discussions that will ultimately provide us with a deeper and more meaningful relationship than two guys, eleven years apart who just happened to grow up in the same house, the older of which moved to London when the younger was eight.

Beyond friends and family I also follow like minded souls who share things I am interested in and a couple of feeds about autism and music technology.

I also follow celebrities who interest me, my current favourites being @Wossy and @ferretprincess.


Because Twitter offers a fascinating and valuable insight into how Jonathon Ross and Jane Goldman’s relationship works and their ‘Tweets’ are more revealing than any HELLO style magazine spread.

I get a sense of their relationship. The timing of their tweets reveals it all.

This is the real people revealed channel without the PR or even a “Reality TV Show” to hide behind.

If someone is full of themselves it will come across in the way they tweet.

On building a marketing network? I started thinking it was for that until I got re-educated by actually really using the service.

I rarely automatically follow back. But I do look at new followers websites. However if I get an @mark_tywharton message telling me why I am being followed I am more likely follow.

The interface says “What Are You Doing?”

How much more interesting than waiting to see a person then saying “What have you been up to?”

We say that when the brain makes new connections, we evolve.

Now the collective conscious mind is suddenly making thousands of new connections every second.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

creative thinker | innovator | visionary


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  1. You know, I have been asking myself why on earth did I join twitter, when I am not marketing anything. I was just thinking perhaps I did not need it and was about to delete the thing today. Myspace as well. I was thinking I was “out of my element” so to speak. But reading what you’ve just shared, instead, i am going to get my sister to sign up. I miss her and I think a few moments with her, as you’ve had with your brother, could connect us as well. Thank you Mark for taking something that can become out of context and remind me the internet does not always feel sort of shallow, but it’s what you do with any of it that counts. You always make me think…


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