Special Interests


I was reading a thread on The Wrong Planet Forum about Aspergers and special interests earlier.

Someone wanted to know if they could make a guy pick her as his ‘special interest’.

The general opinion was ‘no’ and I tend to agree.

To explain, people with Aspergers, including me, have ‘special interests’ – basically compulsions to do things, often an all consuming passion.

A life long interest of mine has been to write and I am currently ‘in action’ on writing, with regular blogs, books and so forth streaming out of my consciousness.

To put it in perspective my partner is trying to get my attention to kiss me, so she can go to bed and I am ignoring her.

So, you are currently getting considerable value 🙂

If I was with anyone other than my extremely understanding partner, my relationship would be in jeopardy if not over.

Anyway, forums in general are one of the places I like to write and Wrong Planet gets my vote at the moment because I can follow it via twitter and read posts on my phone.

And so it was, we were out and about today and I read the thread about ‘special interests’.

We discussed it.

I was asking my partner what mine were.

Up until I switched back to writing, it was eBay.

It has been eBay for about ten years or so.

eBay sort of encompassed everything and was the perfect Aspergers platform.

I could search for items related to other special interests, music technology, circuit bending, monkey bikes, choppers and tractors.

Poor Nick Rhodes had to endure a monkey bike on an eBay screen in the studio for several years, I used to build them in the drum booth too. Roger had nowhere to put his drums!

I still go on eBay from time to time, except my relationship with them is like a love affair gone sour.

Every so often I go back to see what has been going on, only to find they are up to their old tricks.

I find it hard to justify selling on eBay now.

I would rather give my items away.

Unfortunately it is probably still the best place on the planet to connect with people.

To this end I am selling my book on eBay.

You can find it here, I’ll even sign it for you 🙂

If you don’t want a signed one, you can also buy it from lulu.com or Amazon.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

creative thinker | innovator | visionary