The Logic Of Attracting A House

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Had a long chat with my Mum today and it turns out she has read every blog post (hello Mum).

And I thought, bugger, I have been swearing and she won’t like that…

Then my partner and I went to visit the new house we attracted.

We moved away from London three years ago with a VERY specific goal about what we wanted.

We even wrote it down.

What’s odd is that we must have looked at a hundred houses.

We must have varied the goal verbally a hundred times too.

This one, that one.

One day last year, I found an advert fror a house that seemed perfect, except it didn’t have a garage for my workshop.

Strangely it had everything we had written down.

What’s more, we had decided a garage wasn’t important in the original brief (till I filled ours to the brim with monkey bikes and chops).

So it seems the written version shone through in the end!

I guess the message has to be, if you want to make your goals real, write them down.

Design the life you would like to have, a creative blueprint.

Make it positive, personal and specific.

Tuck it away somewhere in your wallet.

Let your subconscious super-computer do the work for you.

We are strange animals, in that we over think everything.

So a really good discipline is to simply write down what you are trying to achieve then forget about it.

The act of writing it on paper also seems to be important.

In this age of information technology, we put so much information into computers and the tactile response of jabbing at a bunch of qwerty keys.

Call me old fashioned but there is something exquisite about a nice fountain pen loaded with ink.

Now where did I put the piece of card with my latest goals?

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

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