Channeling Wes Wehmiller

For me, Wes Wehmiller was one of the most important members of Duran Duran.

He was weird like me.

Actually it might be truer to say I am learning to be weird like Wes.

Wes had a way with weird that was loveable.

Earlier today I was rudely reminded he is dead.

I recently discovered two signed tour books I was given while touring with Duran Duran.

Wes’ signature appears on one of them.

I looked at it and without thinking much about it then looked at the other book.

The other book is signed by Lamya.

It simply says “Hey Tinley Tins. Keep In Touch”.

We didn’t.

She is dead too.

She died on January 8th this year.

Reading those words shocked me.

Whether she meant for me to keep in touch I don’t know.

The bizarre thing is both Wes and Lamya died, as I understand it, of roughly the same condition.

Looking at the book, Steve Alexander wrote “We’ll work together soon” probably ten years ago and we haven’t done it yet.

So I have to assume they are throw away comments and not get too emotional.

And dead is dead right?

Except the legend that is Wes lives on.

Later in the day, I was archiving Duran Duran master tapes and found a session I recorded with Wes in Paris.

It was for one of my tunes which I put up on a machine during a break (which as I recall involved eating a really oily pizza).

I had a tune I wanted help with and Wes laid down a whole load of bass parts for it.

If I am totally honest, I have no idea what he played. I trusted him so much to come up with the goods, that I literally stuck the machine in record and let him get on with it.

So today, I am putting Wes’ bass parts into Pro Tools, throwing a channel open and listening to Wes Wehmiller.

I also have a disk of Steve Alexander drum loops I recorded.

Perhaps I can fuse the two and make something interesting. A tribute perhaps?

So do I need these reminders of friends dearly departed?

Well no…

Like the tour laminates I gave away earlier this year, money cannot replace them.

So guess what?

I want to give the tour books away.

No more writing competitions though.

This time I want hard cash!

I have registered with and will be running an auction for items to benefit my charity of choice, the Autism Research Centre here in Cambridge, England.

Details of that next week.

Without further adieu, I am packing my virtual bags and leave you in the capable hands of my guest bloggers.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

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  1. Hi mark,

    I cane across this by accident and just wanted to say that they were not ’empty words’. It would be great to work together sometime soon, so get in touch mate….

    It was very sad about Wes, I always enjoyed playing with him and we had a lot of laughs together. I didn’t even know about Lamya until I read this…

    Hope all is well with you,



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