Introducing Sean Wright – tonights blog tour guest

I have my older two children staying with me for a week and have decided to spend less time on the computer. As it is one of my special interests I am literally dragging myself away from it kicking and screaming. To make sure I have less contact with it I have invited some of my favourite fellow blog writers to  to stand in for me.

It is with great pleasure that I give you this amazing piece from “Sean Wright” – I even get to learn something about him that I didn’t previously know.

What I do know is that Sean is an amazing musician and writes some, or should I say a lot of amazing songs.

When you have finished here, I have a feeling you may just be compelled to check out his website…

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, Sean Wright…

I’ve been working for years – 19 years to be precise – on alternative
thinking/acting/doing. I’ve been gurued, and shamanised, spirit
guided, theosophied, yogafied, and much, much more. Thinking about it,
there isn’t much I haven’t either experienced or read about in the
loosely termed Higher Consciousness field. And therein lies the
challenge: what’s REALLY going on? What are we REALLY doing here in
this physical reality? What is the purpose of life, love, and the
ideologies that spin this world of ours from states of chaos that are
desperately trying to make sense and order?

From my perspective, there are two states of knowledge or information
that I value. One, is first hand. The second is second hand. The
second hand is useful if you have no direct experience of the
continuity of life, the so-called eternal or Divine
consciousness/subconsciousness that we all inhabit, weather we are
aware of our greater self or not. I have come to call this second-hand
state: the forever searching man.

The first state of first hand experience offers up mind-altering, and
ego-challenging opportunities. The first state connects you DIRECTLY
to the source of yourself. Some call it the Creator within all
creation. We are all linked, and therefore by definition and logic –
we are all one.

You may be wondering, what the hell is this guy talking about? Well, I’ll
tell you. I need a context, and an event so that you may understand.

It happened like this. 19 years ago. I’d stupidly dived into the
swimming pool. It was an outdoor pool, and the cover had been drawn
across it, except for about five feet of clear water at the deep end.
I shouldn’t have done it, but it was too late now. Somehow, I banged
my head as I dived. I got disorientated, and thought that I was
swimming underwater towards the hole, but in fact I was swimming in
the opposite direction towards the shallow end that was already
covered. I came up for air, but the cover was somehow lying flat on
the surface. I couldn’t break through! I panicked, and punched the
thick blue cover above me, but for some reason, it didn’t budge.
Everything was blue. The water, the cover, the sky that I knew was
above but couldn’t see. I knew then that I would never see that sky

I understood at the deepest level. I was drowning. I was stuck
beneath the water, and no-one knew it. I was drowning. My vision
faded, my lungs ready to explode with the unbearable desire to
breathe. I opened my mouth, a reflex of survival, and…



  1. Actually, Cheryl, it was Mark’s clever idea, not mine. Mark has all his marbles, and more!

    Reine – thanks for your kind comments. It’s much appreciated.


  2. Mr. Wright, I am floored reading your blog. I imagine your awareness and understanding that many of us see one – dimensional, you can see with many dimensions and feel them as well. I am looking forward to hearing your music and reading more of your blogs. After getting a taste of where you are coming from, it will make the exploring of your work more intense. Thanks to Mark for doing this and to you Mr. Wright for opening my mind.


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