Introducing Mr Twenty Twenty – tonights blog tour guest

I am not sure how I found Mr Twenty Twenty but I am glad I did.

His Mastermind book is awesome, We are using it as our main reference manual for The Love Tribe (the mastermind I am a part of).

His radio show is also awesome,, in fact I highly recommend you listen to the Open Line Friday’s show at 9pm Eastern TONIGHT!

In the mean-time, I invite you to read what he has to say, then check out his website.

Got Vision by Mr. Twenty Twenty

What if you didn’t need motivated, what if instead you just needed a different way of processing / thinking about your world.
Let me introduce my self, my REAL name is Twenty Twenty.  Two years ago this week, I changed my name to the number of “perfect vision” to bring this very message to the world.
I have a 20 year background in Neuro Linguistic Programming, and have trained with Richard Bandler, one of the founders of NLP.
I have also trained with Native American healers, elders, and warriors.  Some of them have been referred to as “shapeshifters”.
What Shapeshifters and NLP experts have in common is that they both learn how to notice HOW people percieve the world, they both notice the process behind a person’s thinking.
I ask you to just consider one thought of mine today, a thought that is based on over 10,000 hours of research and observation.
What if you didn’t need motivation, what if instead you just needed to be trained to THINK like a person who takes immediate, targeted, and proven action?
There are two kinds of people in this world, those who think they need motivation, and those who process their world in a way that enables them to take immediate, targeted and proven action.
If this makes sense to you, email me at and follow me on
Your friend,
Mr. Twenty Twenty
Ex Hostage – Camp Hill Prison riots, October, 1989
Professional Visionary since April, 2007


  1. Hi Mark,

    Thank you mate for the opportunity to meet your readers. You are a great man, with a heart of gold, and a razor sharp mind! Thank you for letting your spirit soar with the eagles!

    Your friend,

    Twenty Twenty


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