Introducing Amy Flynn – tonights blog tour guest

I have been following Amy on Twitter and she is a great person to follow. You can read her tweets here

When I purchased her Money Reiki Meditation, the following night I put it in my iPod on loop, fell asleep and programmed it into my sub-conscious about 21 times!

I love this blog post, it complements my work perfectly. I certainly got exactly what I asked for…

In it, Amy actually reveals ‘The Secret’ of The Logic Of Attraction…

So, if you want the answers, read on!

I give you, Amy Flynn…


I am Amy, Mark has asked me to contribute a “perfect” post for his “Blog Tour”.  Since Mark just shared with me recently that he bought a book that says I Love You in all the known languages, I thought a post on Love would be quite suitable to share with his readers.  I have gotten to know and greatly appreciate Mark through the microblogging service twitter. He has received Money Reiki healing from me and enjoys my Money Reiki Healing Meditation MP3 regularly.  (I will give you links at the bottom of the post for everything).  I enjoy Mark, I love his mind and how it works.  Enjoy my contribution to the Logic Attraction blog.

What is Love?  Actually Love is a force, an energy and it is you.  Too often we use the word Love as verb as something we do.  Truth is, when we are in touch with the truth of our being – who and what we are – the ONLY thing we do is Love. More accurately the only thing we Be is Love.

Love is the only Energy.
The only Force of True Creation.

We are created out of Absolute Love and this is where we return, to Absolute Love.  Love is not a concept or word – it is a force, an Energy.  Many of us are stuck in conditioned thinking of Love as concept – a noun or a verb.   This is not Love, but rather human created constructs which came into existence as an effort to speak about Love.  Absolute Love cannot be communicated in word, only as energetic Being (or expression) of the Love Energy.  When we, as Created Beings,  manifest – we are essentially Loving something into Being.  When we free something, we are essentially Loving it into freedom.  You’ve heard it said that Attention equals Love … consistent Attention placed is consistent Love placed.   “Energy flows where Attention goes”… is it all connecting?   A very direct route to the Love Energy vibration is the vibration of Profound Gratitude.   It can’t help but deliver you to an experience of Absolute Love.

When truly in the vibration of unconditional and absolute Love, many of the Universal Laws seem to fall away.  This is the highest vibration and places you outside any limitation – you are truly unbounded.    It is almost as if the Universal Laws exist to lovingly guide each of us into Being our true nature, which is pure Love.  The only Law that is noticeable is the Law of Love.  And with pure unconditional Love all things are possible.

I personally have noticed when I am being Unconditional and Absolute Love, time ceases, space evaporates, miraculous and magnificent things are created with absolute ease, there is no duality experienced – just pure Unity, everything “just is” and relative comparisons cease.   I also notice there is no sense of “I” present at all, but some larger Energy expressing, my true nature.   Infinite and unbounded, limitless.

It is the space of miracles.

I am Amy Flynn and you can find me at and At either one of these sites you can sign up for my awesome (as readers call it) ezine “Energy Currents” and a free Money Reiki Healing to dramatically shift the prosperity flowing to you.   You can also experience fun with me on twitter at .  The Money Reiki Healing Meditation that Mark uses and enjoys so much is found at:

I enjoyed participating in Mark’s “Blog Tour” and with all of you.  I hope you enjoyed the energy of my contribution and will go out into the world and share the Love that YOU are with all you encounter!

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