Introducing Gina Ty-Wharton – tonights blog tour guest

Tonights blog is written by my darling partner Gina.

Gina is my true soulmate. You can read our story in my book

She is my bridge to the neuro-typical World, someone I can rely on to interpret facial expressions or tell me what is going on when I don’t understand.

I asked her to write something, because I feel she is as important as life itself, without her I would be a ship adrift in a vast ocean of chicken soup.

It seems odd introducing her, but here she is… Gina Ty-Wharton

Exploring our primal instincts.

I’m sitting on the train and I just spotted a poster with the headline
‘Twisted Killer stalks the rich and famous’. It was about a book
called ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’, a ‘shocking and disturbing read’
apparently, and I got to wondering why human beings choose to put such
scary and horrifying details into their consciousness via films and
‘Horror’ films and books and those containing extreme violence are
popular and accepted forms of human entertainment. We don’t really
think twice about the latest graphic serial killer film or novel and
give even less thought to why we are drawn to them.
Is it to get a taste of the thrill we are supposed to have once
experienced whilst hunting down prey with our bare hands, the blood of
the kill, the knife edge of life or death back when we were all living
in caves? If so, why do will still need this? DO will still need to do
this? Are we actually perpetuating horror and violence by pursuing
this? And do we need to do this to be closer to god or are we actually
preventing our advancement?
Perhaps we are preventing our evolution to a higher state by choosing
to keep doing this?
If the human race stopped artificially pushing atrocities into its
consciousness, would the world slowly adjust and evolve to a higher
place? Is the violence and horror self perpetuating?
Personally I choose not to watch a film or read a book unless it is
something that will uplift or enlighten me. Maybe back in cave
dwelling days my genetic line can be traced back to the ones who sat
at the back of the cave and dreamed…

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  1. Mrs Ty-Wharton, so very well said! I have 3 children and sometimes it feels like even with the video games and cartoons, you have to wonder how they come to believe it’s fine to warp their minds with all the twisted violence. It’s very inspiring to see another like yourself who feels the same way. I love what you said in Mark’s book and find the love you both share to be so inspiring. I am looking forward to reading your site and thanks for a blog that I think needs to be said. Love and light to you!


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