I have an interesting dilemma.

I have been researching audio books and listening to other people’s vocal modulation.


Because I wanted a benchmark, a guide on how to produce an audio version of The Logic Of Attraction

I have always been aware of having a somewhat flat voice. What I wasn’t aware of was, when I thought I was being really expressive, others found me flat and uninteresting.

In a world where television presenters over emphasise everything to convey excitement, how can a man with Aspergers compete?

Rather than try to sound upbeat and lively, I am doing my best to convey the meaning of the sentence in the way I present it.

Despite not getting certain styles of communication, I am remarkably good at getting the intended meaning from things I hear. And so I should be, after all my special interest is sound.

It is probably true to say that if I ignore eye contact all together and stare at the floor and really listen, I will understand you far better than if I try and read your facial expressions.

But while it is obvious to me what most intonation and emphasis conveys, some of the subtler stuff still eludes me, especially when it is me delivering it.

When recording, I worry that the fact I am constantly monitoring my voice might mean some of the feeling is lost. Except as left to its own devices my voice would be entirely monotone.

If I over emphasise everything (for me) then I get somewhere close to normal expression.

When I listen back it seems to be working okay and I am using intuition more than anything else to discern if it is right.

It’s a strange learning experience and I have yet to know if this is a problem or if I actually have an advantage over other speakers.

I would very much appreciate feedback.

The introduction to the book can be heard on the website, or available from my Lulu store as a free mp3 download.

Please feel free to listen and let me know what you think.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

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