The Rock Riff To End All Rock Riffs

We just don’t know how good we are!

I found a DAT tape I recorded fifteen or more years ago and put it in the machine.

What crackled into life was the rock riff to end all rock riffs!

I have always loved the trashy style of The New York Dolls and play a lot like Johnny Thunders.

Chinese Rocks is a song that evokes special feelings for me, I have even sampled it and written a song over it (Sudden Light).

This riff however is like Audioslave meets Bolan and lends itself to Heartbreakers style lead guitar, Walter Lure where are you?

The guitar sound was unmistakably early nineties digital and the drums are cheese, so rather than play it to you, I am going to re-record it.

What gets me is that when played it I had no idea how good it was. I was so intent on creating an entire musical genre and doing everything, I forgot I was a guitarist.

Perhaps I’ll lend the riff to a cool up and coming band?

Or maybe to my friend Twenty Twenty for his radio show (it certainly kicks ass).

Mr Twenty Twenty’s call to action is start kicking ass.

When I am in the creation process, I have no idea what I have.

When I look back and review it, sometimes I notice something brilliant.

With a certain detachment from being a musician, looking back, it is easier to see how good I could be.

Applying this analogy to my book, how long should I wait till I recognise I am a brilliant writer.

Should I wait till it is too late to tell people.

Or should I follow Twenty’s advice and kick some butt!

If you don’t like my style, should I do what I did with music and try and fit in and pander to your needs as a listener?

Or please some record company twat trying to lever me into a genre.

I’ll forge my own path thanks and suggest you do the same.

It all starts with belief. I have mine, do you have yours?

So help me out here…

I don’t want to wait forever for royalties!

I need to buy coal for the traction engines and get some old boys on my payroll.

So, I am looking for a marketing guy to write my copy, build my site and find me some affiliates.

I am going to separate the eBook (download) version of my book from the paperback and sell it online.

Can you do that?

I am looking for someone who can sell 1000 eBooks per week and keep going until 1% of the population of the planet has a copy.

I am looking for the kind of marketing that would kick Joe Vitale’s ass.

That’s right. I want to sell 67 million books!

One caveat…

With integrity…

Find me the guy who can do that and I’ll loan you a kick ass rock riff.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

creative thinker | innovator | visionary


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  1. So now you are kicking ass and rocking it!
    It’s inspiring to read how driven you are Mark. That is success on it’s own. Nothing fails us when we are driven by design. You are a powerful writer and from what I heard of you playing blues under the tree, you play mad good guitar as well. I think you need to get on TV. The one’s who sell books are on TV. Gary Zukov and Moore ect, ect have been on TV. You are not just a gifted writer, but you have the amazing way of changing perceptions that changes all the negative thinking traps we dig ourselves. If you could get on some of the talk shows, you would be on the best seller list. You know, what people need to. I hope someone out there sees this and believes in you like many of us do, and can promote you.
    Love and light to you!


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