What YOU Need To Know About The Universe


In the past months, I have been contemplating my life’s purpose on this planet.

I have been barking at the moon, complaining at God and kicking the big D in the balls.

I am reminded life boils down to one simple concept, LOVE.

You either use it, or abuse it. Human beings, every one of us, do both…

Even when our intentions seem pure, when we look again, there is always a caveat we haven’t noticed in ourselves.

The simple act of being human means we will always have work to do. Anyone that says otherwise is a fu*king liar.

So who am I?

A musician?

While my autistic mind sees music in a very mathematical way and I am more suited to technical pursuits in the studio than standing on stage with a guitar staring at my feet, even under the wing of the kindest of rock star my beacon has no chance to really shine that brightly.

Does my name leap out at you from the tens of millions of CDs it has appeared on?

Probably not.

Okay if you were looking for Ty-Wharton, I’ll give you a hint.

My nickname is ‘Tinley’ A.K.A. Tinley, The Sampling Champion Of The Universe.

Now, if you check your 14th century dictionary (if you can find one) you will probably find out that the word ‘Tinley’ means religious torch.

If you can’t find it there, speak to an aficionado of ‘Call My Bluff’ for a back episode.

So who am I?

I am and have always been a writer, from a family of writers.

Right now I am here to shine my ‘Tinley’ at the ‘law of attraction’ – to help YOU ask the right questions to find the answer to life, the Universe and everything.

And compared to my guitar playing it’s going very well!

There is not a day that goes by, without me receiving at least one email complimenting my writing and how much my ideas and book have helped someone find some of life’s answers (for them).

I tend to scratch my head a bit and think “Wow, okay that’s cool”.

I have been using the principles of ‘law of attraction’ for over thirty years, but do I really know exactly how it works?

And if I don’t then what qualifies me to write a book about it?

Again, who am I?

I would like to answer that with a question.

My good friend Emily asked me to consider the martial arts today.

In particular I have personal experience of Tai Chi.

I am a student of Taoist Tai Chi, as is my instructor, my instructor’s instructor and so on based on traditions going back some eight hundred or more years.

And the Universe has permission from each of these people to be a channel for its wisdom.

The true wisdom of a good Tai Chi instructor comes from knowing nothing.

By definition a statement of expertise, tells you a person has nothing to learn about a subject.

When a person has nothing to learn about a subject, perhaps they have nothing to teach?

Perhaps a true teaching qualification would be a willingness to learn from each and every encounter and to pass on that wisdom as an invitation or instruction.

In my opinion, we need more facilitators, instructors and students and less experts!

So consider the following.

And please interpret this using your own concept or definition of God, the Universe or whatever suits your beliefs.

You are not on this planet because The Universe wants to teach you something.

In fact you are not on this planet to learn anything at all.

There are NO ANSWERS.

The Universe did not create all this and put YOU here to give you the answers.

The Universe actually hasn’t got a fu*king clue either!

And the one thing the Universe knows absolutely NOTHING about is the ‘law of attraction’.

We are actually here so that the Universe can figure out how it works.

Go on to consider that WE are the Universe’s super computer at work, calculating an outcome so it can come to an understanding of life’s mysteries.

So, if you are consistently getting it wrong, you are doing exactly what the Universe put you here for.

If you think you’ve failed, you’ve succeeded…

Well done, go have a beer, cigarette, hot dog, whatever you fancy. You don’t need to read any further!

However if you think you have got it all figured…

You think you are the switched on guru?

The master?

The great teacher?

The deity?




No, really – think again!!!

Do not go live with “I am an expert I can teach you this”.

Or “If you would only follow my method you could have success”.

Okay, you may give others the appearance of success, but you WILL ultimately fail yourself.

And the Universe is watching!

Now try modeling this theory in our world.

An example?

I am using a computer to type this.

If this computer had conscious awareness it might be thinking – this guy Mark, who is bashing wildly at my keys is trying to tell me something.


He just deleted that entire paragraph (read into that – created a Tsunami in Word Press).

What did the Tsunami mean?

What if it meant nothing?

In the words of the brilliant philosopher Werner Erhard “It’s all empty and meaningless (and it’s empty and meaningless that it’s empty and meaningless).”

But why?

And why is real happiness found in simply accepting what is and what isn’t?

We cannot connect with consciousness, when we are already simply part of the machinery of consciousness. How can we possibly connect to something which we already are?

So many unanswered questions.

As I said earlier, all of life boils down to one simple concept.


The Universe is in itself LOVE, which doesn’t mean anything, until you realise the Universe itself is trying to learn about and experience LOVE, whatever that might be.

The concept of LOVE shows up everywhere, because the Universe is using itself as a test bed for the concept of LOVE. Or should I say its own concept of itself.

If the Universe is a mad scientist, then YOU are its experiment.

All of creation is using the energy of LOVE to attract and create more LOVE. This will happen infinitely until such a time as all of creation (LOVE) understands all of creation (LOVE).

And the Universe is learning about this moment by moment, through YOU!

How does it relate to ‘law of attraction’?

Once you understand the mechanism, you can actually become a magnet for anything you want to attract into your life.

You are encouraged to feel gratitude.

Go a step further.

Understand the energy of LOVE!

Become LOVE and you become the Universe, the creator. Refute LOVE and you cannot be yourself. You become a lie.

Accept LOVE and that LOVE means different things for different people.

There ARE people on this planet who LOVE doing things you do not.

And please remember, the entire mechanism of life is completely intangible and totally unpredictable.

At any second the truth may simply stop being the truth!

Therefore anyone who claims to have all life’s answers is probably misguided and missing the point.

Don’t let anyone tell you they know exactly how something works.

If your guru is still learning then they have something to teach you!

Which is why, if you are reading my blog, the less I know about anything I write about, in a way, the better it is for you.

Because the more I try to learn and not to teach, the more I will instruct and the more we will both learn.

I am here to question ‘the law of attraction’.

Are you?

Do I know everything there is to know about the ‘law of attraction’?

By reading this you already know something I don’t.

Please comment below.

If you enjoyed reading this blog, you will find more than a handful of similar thought provoking conversations in my book The Logic Of Attraction.

I invite you to buy it here.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

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