Hungry For Fame

I have had the ghost of Simon Le Bon’s opinion living with me all day.
Simon was a great believer in the idea that the early success of Duran Duran was born out of a hunger for fame and fortune.
And that subsequent or later albums were the more complacent ramblings of accomplished musicians.
So here I am, writing.

And here I am wondering if writing alone will pay the bills.
Do I care?
Not really, it’s not why I am doing it.
Remember, I am a bohemian with Aspergers who does nothing but get high on chocolate and have revelations about consciousness.

Am I hungry?
Not really, I just ate a bar of chocolate.
And so did my lovely partner, who just happens to have a city job.

So, I am a well fed (almost?) middle aged complacent rambler who is at liberty to get high on chocolate and sit around meditating.
One of life’s great thinkers, only unlike some of life’s philosophers, not suffering extreme hardship.
The only hardship I suffered this week was when the broadband went off for an hour.
I recognised that I have always and will always survive on handouts.

I am a cash cow waiting to happen!
I can simply wake up one day, have worse tics and get dialectically disoriented and Gina can shout “carer’s allowance”.
Moments later, crisp government forms with lithographic ink and boxes to cross, tick and sign will litter the threshold of our home.
And within moments my autism status will go from green to red.
And with an “avast me hearties” I’ll poke out the local Bobby’s eye with my Autism Alert card!

But what’s this?
Life is looking up…
Inspiration is at hand!

The cat has just knocked my Chinese hair restoring tonic down the stairs and it has spilled out all over the floor.
The carpet is probably going to be like bull rushes come morning.
Hope I don’t find any wicker baskets bearing babies among them, it’s hard enough dealing with one of the little buggers!

And at £50 a bottle, do I care?
I’ll always have money, so what does it mean?
Perhaps I should end by making a stupid joke about wolves?
Nope, I’ll leave it.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

creative thinker | innovator | visionary


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