Ghosts From The Future Driving In The Sky

I am pretty sure the dead cannot communicate with us or influence the outcome of current events.
In my opinion, they exist in another realm, as parallel infinite possible variations of our reality with their own future and past.
I came up with a new theory which corroborates the idea the other day.

Think about the ghosts of Roman Legions. Anyone who has seen them says they only see them from the waste up.
The reason is, they are an echo through time and are walking on the surface of the Earth as it was way back then.
Hence their legs appear buried.

Now apply the same logic to the future.
The surface of the Earth will be built upon, the diameter of the sphere larger by who knows how much.

If you were looking at echoes through time from the future where would you look?
In the sky of course.

How far into the sky?
Who knows how much rubbish we can make in the next two thousand years.

So you see, it is simple.
The unidentified gets a classification.
Flying? No.

Imagine for a minute the UFO spotters are seeing something else.
Ghosts from the future, driving in the sky.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

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  1. Mark, what is your view on persons like Char and Lisa Williams, I am quite sure they do have the ability to communicate with the dead. You don’t believe them?

    About the sky and future ghosts, let’s reverse it: is it possible that the idea of a hell populated by the devil originated from signs of an even more elderly spirit (maybe a sort of evil character who would have populated that same earth as it was even earlier on back then)?


  2. Whatever the truth of the matter – one thing I know: the soul/spirit lives on. No question. But what fires me up on this post is Mark’s wonderful mind! I’m writing a song as I speak – it’s called “Ghosts From The Future, Driving In The Sky.”


  3. Hi Mark

    I’m afraid I have to disagree with your first sentence. Defying all logic I have, through an amazing medium, communicated with my ancestors and others. Communications included names, voices that I recognised, and specific predictions of the future that have since come true


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