Something I am learning slowly but surely is thanksgiving.
It sounds so horrible, cheesy and American.
And while I am at it, I should endeavour to have a nice day and wish the same on others with an insincere smile.

It’s all about marketing right?
It starts in the big stores like Macy’s, they really don’t mean it.
Just look at how society has programmed us.

And I speak for my self when I say, British people have a cynical, down right miserable, the world owes us a favour attitude.
And where is my favour today anyway?
Do you have it?
Can you wash my car for free?
Ah well, fcuk the lot of you then, I’ll drive a car that resembles a dumpster (skip).

And don’t expect me to smile.
If I resemble a bulldog licking piss off a thistle, it’s because you simply aren’t doing enough for me.
The world owes me a favour right?
Where is it?
Where is mine?

I have painted a picture.
I will paint another.

I am lying in bed, typing this on a tiny laptop and could equally be typing it into my iPhone in the palm of my hand.
Technology is amazing right?

I, the miserable English man, can bring you this message and within seconds, it can reach you, anywhere in the world.
I can expand your mind and touch your heart with the flick of a few membrane switches.
And why, because of the people who pioneered and programmed these devices.
So thank you, people who pioneered and programmed these devices.
It annoys me to say it, I appreciate you.

I am shifting my miserable creaking carcass from the bed to the hallway and throwing on clothes.
Calvin Klein jeans that cost pennies.
A Diesel top.
Thank you eBay.
That bastard international conglomorate, who rip us off, yet enable us to have amazing bargains at our fingertips.

Now I am downstairs and I have forgotten to switch off the burglar alarm.
I have woken up my child.
It was all going so well and now, I am a stupid idiot.
It is so interesting to notice, how left to it’s own devices, my mind would destroy my day.

I am standing in my kitchen, typing this on the tiny laptop.
The battery will last four hours.
In this time, I can go anywhere in my house and have information at my fingertips.
How long till I can have this running in a chip in my brain.
I want it and I want it now (stamps foot) – time is running out for me…
Or is it?

Now I am making juice using a centrifugal juicer.
Everything goes in whole.
Fruit from around the globe, delivered fresh to my kitchen.
I don’t even need to go shopping anymore, it arrived in a truck.
In response to a message online.
Delivered fresh to my door, from Ecquador.

Even the juicer arrived in the mail.
Technology made affordable by manufacturing it in China.
Thank you China.
I get to be thin, because some miserable bloke was a bit podgy.
He invented a juicing diet, now he is happy.
I simply followed it vaguely and lost fifty pounds.
Now I am healthy, even my blood pressure is perfect.
Thank you Jason Vale.

And I notice.
I break my blog up like a poem.
Thank you for my ability to write – my talent.
And thank you to all the writers I have read along the way.
Thank you for allowing me to express myself.
And thank you for the oppurtunity to be the poet laureat.
Anyone could do it right?
So thank you for oppurtunity.

So back to America.
And its great teachers.
One of my guides is a man called Mr Twenty Twenty.
Thank you Mr Twenty Twenty.

I finally see that giving thanks, is not a cheesy American past time.
It is not a fat white man with a donut and an insincere smile.
It is the way of the native and it has meaning.
It is the custom of a culture indigenous to the land of those that call themselves free.

And I can see exactly how it works and why.
I am doing it right now.
Taking charge of my day.

I can see I could be a miserable English man, moaning about circumstance.
Or I could be a native warrior, a fellow guide, wiseman and teacher.
Making sure the Ty-Whartons that follow, transcend the British way.

So just for today.

Thank you for the oppurtunity to be alive.
Thank you for the opportunity work things out for myself.
Thank you for the adventure playground of life and it’s infinite possibilities.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

creative thinker | innovator | visionary



  1. This reminds me of the song, by another British Aspergian, Gary Numan, from his Telekon CD (his best, in my opinion) called “Remind Me To Smile”. He wrote that amidst his time of having no idea why he behaved the way he did, only to have his wife inform him later of it. Could have been that, or it could have been what often happens to many non-Aspergians as well, who are driven to always learn and create. The ‘simpler things’ others who lack much of that drive can enjoy, we may miss. I think more folks in America are like that. Perhaps the longer their familial linage has been here, it breeds that apathy, or is it appreciation? My late father, a true cynic and avid learner, was born here, but had British parents. He wasn’t diluted by the culture, I guess. I do understand that, since I take after him as well.


  2. And we Americans must transcend labels such as ‘horrible’ and ‘cheesy’ – and rightfully so.
    I hope you don’t find any snakes in your boxes of fruit from Ecuador !


  3. Mark, Your writing is getting better and better, even more inspirational as you go along.

    Thank you so much for this post, I think it should be required reading for us all every day.

    The world needs you. You should be on mainstream TV.

    Thanks and Love

    Emily x


  4. Hi Mark
    Thank you for sharing your musings, I too have found that all of one’s negative emotions can seemingly disappear with a change of thought process.
    Your blog got me noding with recognition at some things which are frustratingly useful but often bitched about [evil-bay, as nicknamed by a friend, being one].

    Sometimes I have to catch myself when I launch into angry tirade, before I get so fired up as not to get back to equilibrium.

    The wonders of modern technology … the ability to send a note on a keyboard that reaches around the world in moments will not cease to surprise us and for me I remain fascianted at how a camera works, having used a pinhole model at one study session. ‘How does it work?’ Was often a question I asked as a child and this thirst for knowing why /how has remained into my adulthood [although I would not call myself mature 😉 ]

    I enjoy your writing, I find you thought provoking, informative, cheeky and sometimes sarcastic [if i’m interpreting it in the context you intended]. Thank you. 😉
    [I have quite a few blogs still to read, so u may see responses pop up from me here and there]



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