Dreaming About Heights


I just dreamed that I was at the top of a huge tower (like the Blackpool Tower) and I had to move from one side of the tower to the other by climbing through the the red oxide lattice wrought iron work.

Now normally, you wouldn’t get me to the top of a ladder without some level of complaint.

I was terrified, locked rigid to the spot, looking down.

In my dream the World was ending.

So, I simply thought “What is the worst that can happen?”

I could die!

Then with the realisation life is about to end anyway, I simply CHOSE not to be scared and started to move across the tower, looking down in awe of the height.

The significance of the dream is, we ALWAYS have choice.

Having participated on courses like Landmarks Forum and Essence, I have direct experience of real life changes I have made.

Fear is actually one of these, in my book The Logic Of Attraction I explain how to overcome it.

Once down from the tower I found myself doing other things differently as well.

I somehow found myself running a Duran Duran show from a Yamaha QY20 and Simon was singing through an old spring reverb (so much nicer than auto-tune).

He started to look annoyed as one of my sound engineer friends took centre stage and mimed the sound samples he had played on the record.

I wonder if Frank Sinatra is getting his royalty from Electric Barbarella!

I reminded Simon the world was ending and suddenly he was on stage surrounded by chocolate gateaux and Becks.

He looked at me and said “fuck it” then threw down his microphone and started shovelling cake into his face.

Andy was guzzling beer.

They reminded me of Ed and Oucho!

Next I was on a motorcycle avoiding a war zone in a desert (not dessert, Simon was already doing enough of that).

The complexity of the plot at this point is too jagged to recall, however my bike did turn into our family car and it ran out of fuel.

At the petrol station a queue formed miles down the road.

A man offered to sell me organic deisel and gave me a cup full to get me to his house. It looked like cooking oil to me with something horrid floating on top of it. He poured more of it on Gina’s silver fur coat than into the car.

I kept thinking “I can bloody well make this stuff, why buy it from him, when I can do it myself”.

I personally almost never know if I am making the right decision, for me, till after I am done with it.

I may spend a considerable amount of time and energy seeking something, only to find when I get it, it is not what I wanted at all.

I almost beleieve the things we truly need in life, come to us in random, inspired moments.

So what is the significance of this?

Time to do things differently?

Time to give up accountability in fear and choose again?

Time to take my first step along the high wire perhaps.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

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