Learning To Ride


I am in what is essentially a field.
I have paid £20 to sit here.
Hewn from the hillside is a dirt track.

My son Brandon, is racing up and down the hill on the Honda XR80 I attracted.
It was one of those intuition things.
I was looking for a bike for him on eBay and was drawn to a local sale for a larger bike.

I had a feeling a bit like when something is on the tip of your Tongue and can’t be recalled, except this was a new thought.
Something I hadn’t said before.
Something I was creating.

There has to be an old Honda locally, I had thought.
Better to spend £200 on an old reliable Honda than a modern Chinese thing that will break.
I have had enough of those.

When I looked at the photos, there was the Honda, just visible, tucked away under a tarpaulin.
It was local and exactly what I wanted for him.
I emailed the seller and they still had it.
He was planning to list it on eBay but hadn’t got round to it.
So we agreed on £60.

With a little work it is the perfect bike for Brandon.
I had the parts needed to get it going and it didn’t take long.
So here I am in a field.
Roasting in the sun.
Watching Brandon learn to ride a motorbike the way I did.
By doing it!

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

creative thinker | innovator | visionary