I Need A Haircut

I have just been to see my friend Terry at Stotfold Engineers.
He has kindly given me workshop space to build a motorcycle in, as well as machining a few bits and pieces.
Building a truly custom bike takes considerable time and patience.
It is nothing like the way it is portrayed on TV.

Okay, maybe big twins are a bit like Lego, with enough people making parts to make modifying one a lot more simple.
I could buy a big twin engine and a frame to suit.
I could probably buy everything in fact and be left with bolting it together.

I personally like the blank canvas approach.
I have a picture of a bike in my mind.
I build it.

So here I am in the barbers.
With a huge list of things to do to what looks like a totally complete motorcycle.
It is the fiddly detail that takes the most time.
The brackets and all the extraneous stuff, like lights and brakes!

If I cross off the things on the list, one at a time, I will find myself riding a motorcycle to a test station to get a certificate to let me ride on the road.
And I need a haircut to go with that.

The bike itself is based on the idea of a Ferguson tractor.
It is gray with old fashioned lights and a big seat.
So I need a 1940’s haircut.

Long hair, because curls were fashionable, with the ears showing for masculinity.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

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