Napoleon Hill Was A Wanker

So is this the real secret behind the secret?


It is a long held belief that the most creative time for a human mind is betwixt sleep and the waking state.

Most of us use this excuse to lull in bed a while and think of a morning before rising (no pun intended).

But how else to get there.

For men, the act that leads to spent sexual energy (having a wank) can lead to a rapid descent into unconsciousness shortly thereafter.

In Napoleon Hill’s book ‘Think And Grow Rich’ he dedicates an entire chapter to it.

Transmutation of sexual energy…


I might be stereotyping here, but why is it that Rhonda Byrne fails to mention it in her book ‘The Secret’.

Perhaps only men can do it?

Get out the old magic wand, rub and visualise.

But as Napoleon explains, be careful what you are thinking when you ejaculate.

Better still, hold it on the edge for hours and think about big piles of money.

And when you are done?

You lull into the mindset of creation.

How you feel about wanking is probably of vital importance.

If you are a guilty wanker, you will create an energy block.

The lull afterwards is “the” moment of creation. Think about it. It is where each and every one of us came from. You as well!

Men, take advice.

Rub it, love it, manifest!

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

Mark Ty-Wharton.