Hacking Consciousness


The air that is surrounding you is connected to the air that is surrounding me.
The atoms are connected.
If I flap my wings a butterfly has a heart attack in Australia right?

Can you see it?
It’s invisible right.
Virtually impossible to visualise.

The earth I walk on, if I travel far enough, will lead me right to you.
Both you and I are standing on it.
Stamp your foot.

Can you get, that I can feel that?
It’s pretty solid stuff right.
Again, hard to get the concept.


I am standing looking at a stream.
A twig floats by.
The twig will eventually float to the sea.
You can get that the stream leads to a river?
And the river leads to the sea?
And our planet is covered in water?
And most of it is connected?
Certainly anything tidal.

It starts to rain.
And there…
Sheets of rain are falling through the sky.
Everything wet.

When everything is wet it is easy to see, all of everything wet is connected.
Now ask yourself.
When is it dry?

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

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